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How do you fix fail codes 4044 and 4046 with out going to a dealer?


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Most error codes are vehicle specific even though they usually fall into general categories. You should be able to look up the codes for your vehicle and get some idea of what's wrong. If you want to give me specifics on the vehicle make/model perhaps I could look up the code for you, but no guarantees. E-mail:

Answeri work at a dealer. i don't recognize these codes. however if what you meant to type was p0440 and p0446, you can fix it but it isn't particularly easy. go to the dealer and get a "bypass VSV". jack up the rear of the car, in front of the spare tire well is a black box with hoses coming out of it and youll see a valve that matches the one you bought(it might be a different color). its a real pain if the screw is rusty, good luck!

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