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rewire them.

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Q: How do you fix headlights that keep flashing on and off?
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Why are your headlights flashing on and off randomly while driving?

Loose connection somewhere. Bad switch maybe.

How do you fix cell that keeps flashing samsung sgh-t139 on screen?

I have Samsung tablet screen flashing and cannot turn off

What would cause the car to keep running once ignition turned off if headlights were still on?

Headlights run off the battery not the ignition...

Your headlights will not shut off on a 99 dodge Dakota what could cause this and how can you fix it?

replace the head light switch

What causes ford transit headlights and tail lights to blink?

I've heard that if you have an automatic light switch sut-off switch and are having problem with your headlights flashing like a police car, it was caused by the cars computer.

How would you fix hazards on a Mazda tribute that are stuck on?

If you mean they are on and flashing and your can't cut them off with the switch, the switch is bad.

Why won't your 1997 BMW 740i headlights turn off?

When the headlights don't turn off when you turn off the car, the issue is probably a stuck relay. If you disconnect the battery for a few minutes they will go out. This is just a temporary fix until you can get it to a mechanic.

When do you turn off your headlights?

There are a couple of different times when you'd turn off your headlights. You'd turn off your headlights when the car is off for example.

How do you fix the headlights warning alarm that does not buzz when 1989 Acura Legend ignition is turned off?

check the door switch

What is the flashing light top left on dashboard of 1998 Pontiac sunfire?

If it's just a round flashing light that has no indication as to it's meaning, it's probably the Daytime Running Light indicator. It's only on when the headlights are OFF. If it's flashing, it generally means that one of your DRL's has burned out.

Why are the headlights on your 1986 Honda Accord flashing off and on after driving for a few minutes?

probably an aftermarket alarm system with a broken horn connection going off because it hasn't been disabled with the remote

How do you fix headlights on a 1995 Ford Mustang GT that are flickering on and off?

check for loose connections or to see if the bulbs are loose also

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