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best way to fix that is to use 2 gaskets

apparently one is not sealing ,probably because headers are slightly bent

you could also have headers machined

try using the factory style gaskets. Fel Pro is better. and turn them backwards so the metal side is on the head.

The copper or aluminum reusable gaskets also work well.

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Water in exhaust and oil?

There is nothing to worry about with water in the exhaust. However water in your oil could suggest leaky gaskets. Depends where in the oil system or engine it is.

Why is your vent blowing smoke in your 1994 s-10 pickup truck?

That smoke is probably steam from a leaky heater core.

Where are the freeze plugs in a dodge ram?

dodge ram 1500 pickup leaky freeze plug The freeze plugs are all around the engine.

Why is oil getting into the air breather of your 2000 s10 pickup?

The oil might be getting into the air breather of your 2000 S10 pickup if there is a leaky gasket on the engine. It could also indicate the air breather housing is cracked.

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Why is your 750 holly on fire?

In general: There was a back fire The carb was needing a rebuild and fed fuel to the fire from leaky bowl gaskets or other problems Fix the carb and check the ignition system.

how do i fix a leaky sink?

how do i fix a leaky sink

How long can you drive on leaky head gaskets?

Until the engine self destructs and locks up. You do not drive a car with a leaking head gasket unless you want to destroy the engine. STOP running this engine until it can be repaired.

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How do you change leaky valve cover gaskets on a 1990 mercury marquis?

Remove the bolts around the valve covers then the hoses. If your not familiar with working on cars you can take a picture of it before you start removing parts that way you will now where everything goes . Also check out youtube

Why does your 2003 Rover 75 Connoisseur air con produce heat only intermittently?

Chances are your water levels low, properly a leaky hose or your head gaskets on the way out. Top up the water and things should return to normal.Joe, Thompson4x4 on ebay

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Toyota 4 runner 4x4s has fluid on back brakes?

leaky brake cylinders, leaky brake lines

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What would cause the brakes of a1997 Chevy s10 4x4 lose brake fluid?

A rotted brake line, a leaky front caliper, a leaky rear wheel cylinder, a leaky master cylinder,

What could be the cause of oil being on sparkplugs of a 2002 gmc Yukon?

Valve covers might be a tad leaky, that's what my prob was on my 1996 i had to get new valve cover gaskets they arnt that much and if you know a lil bit about engines and their anatomy you can DIY to save money for labor