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Check the screen in the end of the neck. Very often rust and sediment are dislodged when the water system is shut off. If not that then possible in the valves themselves. Depending on the age of the pipes you might have to clear them several times. You can take the valves out and VERY slowly open the shut off valves just enough to let water come out of the top of the faucet. This should flush out anything that may be loose in the line.

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How are bathroom faucets installed?

Bathroom faucets are installed by pushing the faucet into the hole left by the old faucet. Before doing this, you'll probably want to apply plumber's tape or joint compound on the threads of the faucet stems and also apply caulk. Then you connect your water supply lines to the faucet stems and apply more plumber's tape to the shutoff valve threads. The last step is to tighten the coupling nuts to the faucet supply stems, taking care not to overtighten.

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eliminate the possible answers that don't fit first. It is not air in the water since other faucets in the house or the previous faucets have this behavior. It is not an aerator. Water does oxidize, to a small extent, the inside of metal pipes and faucets. It coats them in a way. Until this takes place air bubbles may be forming on the metal in the faucet. It may have a chemical component from the manufacturing process since the new faucets I have are the California lead free brass variety. The foam is very impressive but goes away very fast and takes time to regenerate for another occurrence. I have had other faucets do this before but the new lead free brass is incredibly foamy. Creepy, yes and I do remember, from somewhere in the past, the instruction to run the water in a faucet for a second or two before drinking it due to metals leaching out of the valve body.

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