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You can use a variety of polishing compounds to buff out minor, small, and surface scratches in chrome. Just Google "Chrome Polishing" or "Chrome Scratch Removal" and you'll get a ton of links. Sold at most hardware and tool stores are polishing compounds in little tubes. The ones you'll want are "White" -fine compound, and "Pink" Jeweler's Rouge.

Now, that being said, if the scratches are deep, you're out of luck. If they are surface scratches, you can remove them with a lot of elbow grease and the above compounds or a rotary cloth wheel hooked up to a drill or grinder and the compounds above. Be careful, as Chrome is measured at the micron layer in thickness, so cutting thru it is fatal. If still not sure, go ask a Harley rider.

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Q: How do you fix scratches in chrome?
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I'm not aware and couldn't find a rub-on type product that can remove scratches from chrome wheels. Your best bet is probably to have the wheels buffed out. Scratches in chrome cannot be rubbed out for the most part. Very minor scratches can be buffed on a wheel with special compountd but only if they are light surface scratches. To keep chrome clean and protected, we recomend a non-abrasive polymer/wax. For more info, please call at (888) 327-4189.

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