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How do you fix speedometer 0n 1985 jimmy speedometer cable does not turn?

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I had same problem on mine , the exhaust milted the rubber right into the cable on drivers side. you need a new one

2009-08-03 14:45:35
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How do you replace the speedometer cable for a 1991 Geo Prizm?

The 1991 Geo speedometer cable is held in place with a swivel nut on each end of the cable. Turn the swivel nut to the left to remove the speedometer cable. Reverse the process to install the new speedometer cable.

How do you replace the speedometer cable for 1988 300zx non-turbo?

Your 1988 Nissan 300 speedometer cable is held in place with swivel nuts on each end of the speedometer cable. Turn the swivel nuts to the left. The speedometer cable will come off. Reverse the process to install your new speedometer cable.

How do you connect the speedometer to the transmission on a 89 Suburban?

The speedometer cable connects to the transmission speed sensor with a swivel nut. Simply turn the swivel nut to the right to connect the speedometer cable.

Where is speedometer cable on a 1996 mercury villager?

The speedometer is electric, there is no cable. There is a speed sensor on the transmission that sends a signal to the PCM, which in turn sends a signal to the instrument cluster to display speed.

How do you change accelerator cable on 1985 corvette?

The 1985 Chevrolet Corvette accelerator cable is held in place with a swivel nut on each end of the cable. Turn the swivel nuts to the left to remove the cable. Reverse the process to install the new accelerator cable.

How do you turn of speedometer on 2000 vw golf?

You can turn the speedometer off by removing the speedometer fuse. The speedometer fuse can be found in the fuse box. The location of the fuse is listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

How do you fix a 1981 Chevy Silverado speedometer?

Depends on what your problem is, which isn't specified. But, assuming that your speedometer isn't working at all, there are three likely issues. The speedometer (and odometer) is operated by a cable that connects into the transmission. On the rear end of the transmission you will notice a cable with what looks very simiilar to the cap on a soda bottle, except that it will be black or silver and have a cable coming out of the center of it. This cable goes under the car, into the engine compartment and then through the firewall into the back of the dashboard, where it plugs into the speedometer gaug. There is a gear on each end of the cable. Actually the speedometer end is just a square drive gear, the end that plugs into the transmission has a very small gear on the end that meshes with a gear in the transmission. If your speedometer is not working, it is likely due to one of three things; 1. Someone disconnected the speedo cable from the speedometer gauge, which also keeps the odometer from showing miles driven. 2. The gear on the transmission end has broken or has been disconnected. 3. Most likely, the cable itself has broken. The cable is supposed to be lubricated every so often with some grease. If not, after some period of time, it's not unusual for the cable to break. Get a replacement cable, and have lots of fun trying to access the back of the dash... 4. The speedometer gauge itself might be completely broken. It's more likely that the cable is broken, but occasionally, the speedometer itself breaks. I would check to make sure the cable is connected at both ends. If it is connected correctly to the speedo and trans, but not working, disconnect the cable from the speedo and the transmission. with both ends of the cable now visible, you can turn one end of the cable, if the opposite end also turns, there is nothing wrong with the cable. Use the appropriate lubricant and re-install. Then you'll need to get a new speedometer gauge, or fix the one you have. If the other end doesn't turn, the cable is broken. You'll need to get a new one. You could theoretically repair the old one, but why bother. Just get a new one. They're only like $25.

How to fix a speedometer on a 1984 Oldsmobile 98 regency?

You have to find out what's wrong with it first If the odometer is working then the speedometer "head" needs repair. This requires some disassembly to get the speedometer out of the dash. If the odometer is not working it is most likely the inner cable to the transmission. Take the cable loose from the transmission and remove the gear. Check the gear for broken teeth and a worn out square hole where the cable fits into it. Try to pull the inner cable out by hand or a little help with pliers. If it is broken it will come out. There is a clamped end and stop ring at the speedometer end that will keep that end of the cable in the sheath. There is a possibility that the clamp has come loose at that end also. It would help to remove both ends so you can turn the cable at one end and have someone check the other end for turning also. An inner cable can be replaced. Sometimes a sheath that old will have rust damage and need replacement also. Put some speedometer cable lubricant on the cable while you are working on it and if you replace it.

Why your wipers turn on when you use the turn signal in 1985 GMC Jimmy?

The turn signal/wiper switch is most likely bad and will need replacment. how do you change the switch is it necessary to remove steering wheel?

What kind of odometer does a Mazda truck have?

The 86-93 have a analog gauge.I am most certain older mazda trucks are the same.The speedometer is operated by a cable going into the back of the speedometer itself and feeds thru the firewall and goes down the inside fender weld and along the driver side frame rail where it will connect to the transmission. Then it will turn the cable inside operating the speedometer.As for the 94- up should be analog cable driven.If your speedometer is slow working removing the cable from the transmission and remove the dash cluster and disconnect and pull it out.Greasing the cable by spraying white lithium grease into the cable ends or pulling out the cable inside the housing and grease and reinstall.In short disconnect from trans 1st then at dash 2nd.Most issues are slow,jumpy and cable needs to be greased in most cases.Very seldom do the analog speedometers go bad(normally).

How do you change the rear turn indicator on a Cadillac Eldorado 1985?

Check the fiber optic cable. See more specific answer in question above.

Why would a ford escort speedometer quit after reinstalling the transmission?

you dont have the speedodmeter cable set in the transmission right take it back out and as u set it in place turn it till it seats flush on the transmission

How do you change the light bulbs that illuminate the dashboard on a Ford Escort?

you must remove the molding around the instrument cluster then the clear plastic cover over the gauges, then you must remove the instrument cluster by taking out screws and disconnecting all three wire harneses, and then disconnect the speedometer cable from the back of the speedometer (make sure speedometer is fully disconnected or else the cable could snap.) Once cluster is free on the backside each light is labeled, turn the plugs counter-clockwise to unlock.

My speedometer does not work when I turn on my air conditioner or if you turn off my heat why?

It seems as if there is a problem with the wiring between your speedometer and AC/heat unit. A licensed repairman can determine and fix the cause of this problem.

How can you turn your cable back on at your apartment?

You will need to contact your cable company and make arrangements with them to turn on the service.

How do you change the speedometer cable in a 1991 Ford Mustang LX 5.0L 5 speed?

first safely put the car on jack stands then find where the cable goes into the transmission remove the bolt that retains the cable to the transmission and wiggle the cable till it comes out. For now just leave the plastic gear on the cable the cable housing has a couple of retainers one near the transmission end I think mine was on the frame of the cross member then another on the fire wall or the fender if you buy the cable and the cable housing together it should have a new rubber gromet for the fire wall if you bought just the cable you remove the retainer that holds the plastic gear on the end and set it aside for the moment" don't let dirt and grit get on your cable and into the cable housing so wipe the end off good and lay it as straight as you can out in the encompartment then comes the hard part working under the dash you have to get your hand up behind the speedometer and feel for the plastic detent retainer just at the end of the cable you have squeeze on the back of the detent and carfully pull it away from the speedometer. If you know any four letter words you may notice how that sweet mustang has turned into a whipping post for them at this time. You will probly scratch and cut your hands up just getting to the back of the odometer and most cables unless you have really looked at how the detent works to release its hold on the speedometer will give you a fit but don't give up you can do it but if you get to mad just walk away for a bit and come back to it its not worth the damage you may do to the mustang. anyway getting back to work once you get the cable loose from the speedometer pull the cable housing down just below the dash and slip the old cable out and the new cable in or pull the old housing and cable all out if you got a new one but you may want to pull the new cable houseing through the fire wall by tapeing it to the tail end of the old one and get someone to help feed it thru as you carfully pull it into the car and hook the new cable Into the back of the speedometer. It will push on very easy but be sure it is all the way on. Once you get to this point put your O ring seal on and your old gear and gear retainer rout your cable back the way it came to transmission if it don't slip in with a bit of a wiggle turn you gear a little and try again. put all retainers back in place and get the car on the ground for a test drive if by chance the speedometer don't work check to ensure you are fully plugged in at the back of the speedometer there may be a little jumpyness to the speedometer at first but as the cable lube gets spread out it will be ok.

Turn back the speedometer on a 2000 windstar?

You don't need to turn back the speedo you cheating, lying, scumbag!

How do you turn off the service light on a 1985 Ford Thunderbird?

if you are reffering to service enging light disconnect negative battery cable for 30 seconds and re connect it

Why would a 1988 Chevy Celebrity speedometer and odometer stop working and engine light blink on and off and turn off when stopped?

The main reason that a speedometer and odometer will stop is because the speed sensor, located on the back top area of the transmission, has gone faulty. The part can be had very easily at any auto parts store, or junkyard. The reason the check engine light is on is because the speed sensor signal goes thru the ECM (computer) for the car to run the different things. If the signal is intermitent, or interupted, the light is set, as well as the speedo and odometer not working.Another reason is that the ECM it's self is bad, you can locate the ECM behind the glovebox and give it a few knocks while the car is running, if your engine responds by cutting out (even just a little) then replace it. they are around $110.Since there is no speedo cable, it must be an electrical issue with a sensor.QuestionWhy is there no speedometer cable? Does it have digital gauges?The reason I ask, is, when I first got my 1986 Celebrity, the speedometer and odometer did not work. The previous owner had bought a new speed sensor, but had not had it put in yet. I installed it first thing. no luck. In checking the speedometer cable, I found it was broken, (the end of the cable at the tans-axle). After I replaced the speedometer cable, it worked fine.Now, I cannot imaging gm did away with speedometer cables in the two years before the 1988 came out. I do have a 1990 S-15 with digital gauges, and I know it does not have a speedometer cable. But, the 1990 Sunbird I used to own, with analog gauges, did have one.

How do you reset or turn off the check engine light on a 1997 GMC Jimmy?

just remove the battery cable for about 5min then put it back. that should reset the check engine light.

How do you turn back 1999 Chevy Tahoe speedometer?

You don't. That would be Illegal.

Your jeep liberty has a check engine light on and the speedometer is at zero when you drive what do you do to fix it?

Take it to Autozone and have it read the codes if it is OBD2 (1996 and newer) if not to see if the check engine light is related to the speedometer problem disconnect the negative battery cable and hold the brake down for about a minute. This should turn the check engine light off. If it does drive it to see if the speedometer works. If it does they are related somehow, if it still doesn't then it must be two separate problems.

How does a car speedometer work?

When you step on the pedal, the motor is propelled by a ticker which forces the belt to turn. This then propels the wheels forwards and the speed on the speedometer is determined by a mechanical recorder.

1990 acura integra AT intermittently will not turn over when trying to start her also the s3 light will flash?

The s3 light could be your speedometer cable if it is not working mine did that i hope this works. also the park censer might need adjusted or replaced

If your trans fluid is low will this make your speedometer not work it is not a digital speedometer?

Sorry but no, it's prolly the cable that connects the speedo to the tranny, or the speedo itself, or perhaps the speedo gear drive at the tailshaft of your trans, if you can get behind and up in back of the speedo, or just carefully loosen the speedo unit, pull it out, the cable should be easy to see, it has a clip holding it into the back of the speedo, unclip it and turn the cable with a pair of vise grips or whatever, if it's broken you'll know. It's a matter of the process of elimination, start at the speedo and work your way back to the trans if you have to, to find the problem. jr