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Please let us know VW model and model year.



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Q: How do you fix the antenna on a VW?
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How do you you replace the antenna on a 2001 VW GTI?

It simply unscrews.

How do you fix 1991 mazda 626 antenna?

youtube will tell you. ive posted a video just type in how to fix car antenna

How do I fix am antenna on Lincoln navigator?


How do you fix an antenna in a 1993 Seville It won't go down but the antenna motor can be heard working?

Replace the power antenna assembly.

How do you fix on vw polo 2000 1.0?

depends on what it is you want to fix.

How do you fix a corvette antenna motor that won't shut off?

Replace the eledctric antenna or "pull the plug"

How do you fix fail safe mode to normal in vw passat 99?

how do you fix fail safe mode to normal in vw turbo 1999?

How do you replace the antenna on a 1998 VW Beetle?

Buy a new mast and it just screws on.

How do you repair an antenna base 1999 VW beetle?

Can you be more specific? what's wrong with it?

How do you access the antenna on a 2000 VW Beetle?

Pull the headliner and access in the middle of the car behind the sunroof. Or if you want just the antenna, not the cable-to-the-antenna, stand outside the car and unscrew it. very carefully

If your power antenna on a '91 lesabre jams up but the motor keeps trying to make it go down how can you stop the motor and fix the antenna?

unplug the electrical from the antenna. replace antenna.

Did apple fix the iPhone 4?

If by "fix the iPhone 4" you mean fix the problem with the antenna and people putting their gig

How do you fix or replace a power antenna for a Mazda tribute?

you dont

How do you fix the antenna that goes into the back of radio on a 2004 dodge Dakota if connector is broke?

You will have to replace that piece of the antenna cable.

How to fix a dunebuggy?

is it a vw buggy ? what is it doing or not doing ?

How do you fix indicators for a VW Polo?

go to a mechanic

Is there an easy fix for the EPC light on a vw?

what causes the epc light to go on 2006 vw beetle

How do you fix Celica power antenna?

check the fuse to make sure it's good and if it is your probably better off buying an aftermarket power antenna for it or go with a regular antenna.

Fix a hood latch on a 1998 Toyota corolla?

you fix it by not posting it under vw jetta

I broke my antenna on a 93 Lincoln how do i fix it?

buy a new one ^^

How do you fix a radio in a 1998 VW Beetle that quit working after it has been repaired?

Call VW they can give you the answer

How do you fix Central locking on a VW sharan 1.9 tdi?

wear is the fuse for centrol locking on a vw sharan

How do you fix EPC VW Beetle?

Call the scrap yard.

Can a power antenna be replaced with a fix antenna on a Taurus wagon '04?

Yes; ask your parts counter guy, and he will direct you to a replacement.

How to fix Seized rear vw brake caliper?

Type your answer here... how to fix a stocet rear caliper