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How do you fix the anti theft lock on a radio from a astro?


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2011-09-13 01:55:06
2011-09-13 01:55:06

take it to a Chevy dealer they will look up your password and help you turn off the loc

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Take it to a dealership. The theft lock feature is there to deter theft of these radios.

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my car is locked and the anti theft system is on, how can I deactivate that system

Leave the key in the key on engine off position for about an hour till the radio changes from lock to code. Extra... Also you can remove the fuse and stick it back in and it will allow for code input

just disconnect the wire. anti lock is located under the van by the drivers side, you will see an orange plug, unplug that & your done.

Your Securilock anti - theft system is activated - Helpfull

You will need to go to the Toyota Dealer with your cars VIN number and the service manager is then authorized to provide a code to over ride the security lock on your radio. I took my car to show them that I was not trying to use a stolen radio!

You have to put the key in the driver's door lock and turn it to the right.

How do I unlock my anti theft system with out my key on a ford 2009 edge

Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to determine the problem

For some reason i think my anti lock system is on because my tahoe wont turn on anymore can somebody help me

put the key in the driver door and lock and unlock the doors

It is located in steering column and is part of ignition lock cylinder.

Because it is anti lock

The anti-theft locking code, for your 2004. You will, can be set at a Buick dealership. The code can also be set by using OnStar.

yes, and what codes are you asking about "check engine" or anti lock radio codes?

After you lock the doors on your Explorer, the word THEFT will light uo in your gauge cluster for, I think it's 30 seconds, and then the word THEFT will flash on and off in your gauge cluster.

because of the anti theft system. just lock and unlock the car and start it agian!

If your Isuzu Trooper anti-theft light is not going out and your vehicle won't start, put the key in the driver's side door and lock it. Unlock it and check to see if the alarm is disabled.

it is the anti theft. lock all the doors the unlock the door with the key. try with passenger door too. if this does not work it is some other problem with your anti theft system.

The Anti-Lock brakes pulsate so the brakes do not lock up (anti) and cause the vehicle to side out.

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