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How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a 1997 Saturn SW?


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2015-07-15 21:27:09
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I own a 95 saturn, which I'm pretty sure has the same dash as a 96. Start by disconnecting the negative battery cable. Next you will need to take the center console cover off. There are two plastic rivets holding it on. Take off the cover underneath the console. It should be velcroed and snapped in. Once the lower cover is off reach up behind the center console on the side and push the center of the plastic rivet out. Repeat on the other side, and the console should be loose now. Pull it slightly up and out, until you can see the wiring harness at the top of the console. Pull the plug out of the console, and the console should come away free.

Now you should have access to the back of the cigarette lighter plug. The socket for the cigarette lighter screws in like a lightbulb. Hold the part that the socket screws into, and using needlenose or other pliers, screw the front portion back in all the way.

Reinstall the center console, reconnect your battery, and your cigarette lighter should work now. Now that your Saturn is complete, sell it as soon as possible before it breaks again. :)

The instructions provided sound a little daunting if you have no clue about cars. However, the fix was very easy. It is important to note that there are four parts to the assempbly. The outer rim which fits in the outside of the lighter hole, a barrel separator which fits behind the console into the outer rim, the power receptacle which fits behind the barrel assembly, and the lighter receptacle which is put through the outer ring, the barrel, and then screwed into the "light bulb" like power receptacle. In order to completely screw in the lighter receptacle, you will stick your finger in the receptacle and continue screwing it in. Make sure it is tight.



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