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The instrument panel in almost all Benz if not all is removed by simply pulling it out from the front. It is held in place by a tight fit inside the dash board.On My 1999 E320 the manufacturer recommended deactivating the airg bag system first. This is to protect your self from an accidental deployment of the air bag while you are working on the dash.I was able to remove the instrument panel without deactivating the air bag so you decide what to do in that respect.Now, the manufacturer sells a simple tool for removing the instrument panel which is nothing more than two simple hard wires like the ones for hanging clothes. Cut the ends of the wire so that they are straight and smooth. Then put a bend in the form of an "L" shape at one end of the wire about 1/4" long.First try pulling the instrument panel with your hands only, you may be able to remove it using your Hans only. If it will not come out completely by hand, then insert the "L" end of the wires at each end of the panel and engage the ends to the back of the outer walls of the panel and continue pulling it with the wires but being carefull not to damage it.Replace any burned out lamps and replace panel by simply pushing it back in place until it is fully seated.Good luck. Ed Rivera

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Q: How do you fix the control panel illumination lights on a 1996 Mercedes Benz E 320?
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Where is the switch for fog light on an A class Mercedes control panel?

PULL the light switch out (must be in lowbeam setting for fog lights to work)

How do you change the heater control panel on a Mercedes c180?

To change the heater control panel on a Mercedes C180, remove the radio and the two screws under the CCU panel. Pry off panel and remove the bracket.

Why are side lights and dashboard illumination panel not working on Ford Escort?

It might just be the fuse is blown.

Where is located the fuse for the dashboard lights in the 1994 Mercury Villager?

That is in the fuse panel inside the car. Marked I/P illum (instrument panel illumination)

2003 ford escort illumination lights are dim and when turn headlights on the illumination panel goes out?

On my zx2 there is a button on the lower part of the dash by the drivers door that you can brighten or dim the lights... Not sure this is your problem but it is worth a try ... I use it to dim them when driving at night..

How do you replace bulbs in heater control panel on xsara Picasso?

You can replace the balls in the heater control panel on an XS ARA Picasso by removing the front cover of the heater control panel. The panel lights will then be visible.

If you installed a CD player in a 1988 Buick LeSabre and now the dash lights and the tail lights do not work how do you fix this?

Stereo systems obviously have illumination lights in them. Sometimes they will route these illumination wires to an area of the fuse panel which seems to affect the park lights, guage lights, etc. If the illumination wire(s) has touch an area of grounded metal, or another wire while installation, the problem is most likely a blown fuse. I hope you get this problem fixed. Good luck.

2002 Ford Taurus instrument panel lights don't come on for a while after driving is intermittent fault?

I had this same thing happen on an 02 Taurus Wagon. The instrument cluster illumination didn't work. The indicator lights for the security alarm, cruise control, etc. were all OK. Also the other interior lights that are supposed to come on with the cluster illumination: the ashtray lamp, the lighting in the air conditioner control panel, etc...all worked fine. But the panel illumination didn't go on, so I couldn't read the speedometer and gauges at night. The circuit that supplies voltage to the instrument panel illumination is the same as for those "other interior lights...that come on" with it. So that meant there was nothing wrong with the headlight switch or the panel dimmer control. The likely culprits would be the instrument cluster itself, or the wiring to it. I took the cluster out (not as simple as it sounds, as the radio panel and the trim panels on the dash have to come off first) and examined where the wiring plugs into it. Seemed OK, and the panel lit up when I used a nine-volt battery to test it, so the likelihood was that there was an intermittent or broken connection in the wiring harness. Too much trouble to fix that, but it's easy to run one jumper wire from the plug that goes into the instrument cluster, to the top wire at the panel dimmer control, to bypass wherever the problem was. That was it. I would recommend if you try to do this yourself, you have a basic knowledge of automotive electrical systems. Without a factory wiring diagram, you need some "horse sense" to figure out hiw the involved circuitry works.

Why all of your dash lights are out as well as brake lite on 1991 Q45?

look in your fuse panel and locate the illumination fuse that should solve your problems

Why is the EC switch on the climate control panel of your Mercedes always on?

It is on if you selected it by pushing the button.

What is wrong when NONE of the instrument panel lights will work except the high beam light that comes on when you brighten your lights?

Instrument lights fuse blown. ANSWER #2 There is a dimmer switch that controls the illumination of the instrument panel; it may be bad or may have been accidentally turned OFF or DOWN while cleaning the dashboard.

On a 2003 Pontiac Montana the rear brake lights don't work and the bulbs are not burned out?

the control panel on the rear lights goes bad. you can get a new panel on for cheap

How do you change burned out bulbs in control panel in 1995 Camry?

Change the fuse controlling the control panel lights. You need to check wire harness around the panel because you have to high voltage in the circuit.

Is there a dimmer switch for the panel lights on a Mercedes 190E?

Yes there is. You simply twist the tachometer reset nob counterclockwise to dim.

Does 2002 infiniti QX4 have an electrial panel to control head lights?

does 2002 inifiniti QX4 have an electrial panel to control each head light (low & high beam)?

How do you repair instrument panel lights that doesn't turn on on 1997 Honda civic Already checked the brightness control Could it be a blown fuse If so how to repair?

It could be a blown fuse. Do the tail lights work? On many cars, this one I think, the tail lights and instrument illumination lights are on the same circuit. The under-dash fuse panel likely has the fuse in it. (If not, a few cars have a secondary fuse panel under the hood.) There should be a fuse panel cover with the fuse identification on it. If not you will need help locating the correct fuse. Or get help from a parts store and use a test light to check all the fuses to find any blown ones. If the fuse is blown, and a replacement blows you will need to find a short on the circuit. If someone has installed a after-market radio check there first. They may have mistaken the illumination wire for a radio ground wire and connected radio ground to the illumination circuit. This is a fairly common problem with radios installed by do-it-yourself or inexperienced installer.

What has the author Susie Nash written?

Susie Nash has written: 'Between France and Flanders' -- subject(s): Flemish Illumination of books and manuscripts, Flemish Panel painting, French Illumination of books and manuscripts, Influence, Medieval Illumination of books and manuscripts 'Late Medieval panel paintings' -- subject(s): High Gothic Panel painting, Exhibitions, Medieval Panel painting

1995 Chevy Tahoe your instrument panel will not light up your turn signal works but no dash lights work?

If you mean illumination for nighttime on the dashboard it can be the fuse or the dimmer itself. All the illumination runs through a single 20A fuse in the panel on the side of the dashboard. All power runs through the dimmer switch so that can also be bad.

How do you replace the instrument panel bulbs on a 1991 Nissan Pickup?

I located the instrument panel illumination lights on my 1990 Nissan D21 Pick-up by removing the clear plastic panel that protects the gauges and pulling the instrument panel forward. To do this, screws must be removed from the dash panel located around the instrument panel. There are also screws securing the clock adjustment knob and the glass/instrument panel itself. The bulbs twist into the backside of the instrument panel. There are several of them. I located the instrument panel illumination lights on my 1990 Nissan D21 Pick-up by removing the clear plastic panel that protects the gauges and pulling the instrument panel forward. To do this, screws must be removed from the dash panel located around the instrument panel. There are also screws securing the clock adjustment knob and the glass/instrument panel itself. The bulbs twist into the backside of the instrument panel. There are several of them.

How do you disable alarm in Mercedes-benz 300E 1986?

There is a panel in front of the front passenger's floor almost at right angles with the floor. Remove the screw holding the panel in place. Remove the panel. There is a rectangular (5 3/4" x 3 1/4") control unit held down with two nuts. This control unit has two connections. One controls the blinking lights and horn and the other the timer for the blinking lights and horn. You will need to unscrew the two nuts, pull up the control unit away from the floor, and unplug both connections.

2000 dodge ram 1500 instrument panel illumination lights do not work any suggestions?

might be a bad or loose wire on the headlight switch,or the switch itself may be going bad

Why do some of the instrument panel lights in a Pontiac vibe not come on when the headlights come on?

Make sure the brightness knob isn't turned down too far. When the headlights are off, the instrument panel is lit by an automatic system that assumes it's daylight and gives the panel a lot of illumination. When you turn on the headlights, it changes to the system used in most cars, which depends on where you set the brightness control, which is located somewhat near the leftmost vent.

How do you replace instrument panel lights?

you take apart the dash and get to the instrument panel. then you take the instrument panel out and on the back of the panel you'll will see the lights

How do you remove the AC control panel on a 1999 Mercedes E320?

For my 1996 E320 I purchased a set of removal tools(2) that do removal of both radio and climate control

Where is Location of the navigation system in a Mercedes 2006 E 500?

the control unit is located in the boot pass side behind the panel were the fuse box is you need 2 remove the panel to get at it