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I have been told to remove the two screws that are located inside the garage door opener and then to gently pry the cover off. I haven't tried it yet. I am still looking for a more definitive answer also.

There was a posting for a 1999 sienna also with the same problem. In that posting, the answer suggested to use a very thin screw driver to pry the plastic as well.

On my van, the cover seems to be on very tight and it doesn't appear to be much space to insert the screw driver.

If I do end up trying it, I'll let you know the results. I find it hard to believe that we are unable to locate a source for the 'official' method of changing this light.

Good luck If you find out differently email at thanks

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Q: How do you fix the dome light on a Sienna?
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How do you fix a dome light that stays on in 1999 suburban?

Thia dome light comes in assembly and more than likely you need to replace it....

How do you fix door light are not on?

Check to be sure the "dome light over ride" switch is not turned on.

How do you fix the Radio and dome light on a 1977 corvette?

Well, how you fix them depends what's wrong with them. Check the fuses and bulbs first.

2006 vsc trac off and check engine light is on?

How To Fix vsc,trac off and engine light on for 2009 Toyota Sienna

How do you fix a Short in dome light 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

I think the short is located in the power control module

What is 'dome' on a car fuse box?

The "dome" is the light on the ceiling of your car. It is called a dome because this light is usually shaped like a dome.

Dome light is on after door is closed?

The dome light switch on the dash is on.

AC light blinking 1999 sienna?

what cause the ac light to blink on a 1999 Toyota sienna

How do you replace the license plate light on a 2005 Toyota Sienna?

how do u change the license plate light on a 2005 sienna

Dome light on Ford Taurus stays on?

dome light stays on ford taurus

Where is the fuse located for the dome light on a 99 ford ranger?

dome light fuse is 27 in the fuse box dome light fuse is 27 in the fuse box

How do you fix the driver's side seatbelt light from flashing even when the seatbelt is fastened on a 1999 Toyota sienna?

My parents have this problem on their 99 Sienna. They got an estimate of an outrageous amount to fix the problem, because it involved disassembling the dash to reach the control for the seatbelt indicator, plus replacing a sensor. They've decided it's not worth it and have learned to ignore the annoying flashing light. Sorry.

I have a 2000 Toyota Echo. Just installed a new deck and now the dome light will not work. How do I fix this?

Buy a grand prix

How do you fix a 3000gt car door light wiring when you open it and the dome light doensnt go on?

There is an accordion button on the driver's side door. Look at the very bottom of the Driver's door and to the very right should be a black accordion button but 1 or 2 screws. Sometimes when the screws become loose it will make the dome light not work. Just tighten the screws and it would fix the problem. To test it, just open the passenger door, and if the dome light comes on that would be your problem.

What is the dome light bulb number for a 1992 ford f150?

It doesn't have a dome light... it's a map light, #105

Your power locks on your 1999 Camry quit working after you pulled a bulb out of the dome light to replace it The power locks only work when the engine is on Where do you go to check a fuse and fix it?

Same problem, but didn't replace the dome light.The locks will unlock but not lock.

Your check engine light and vsc light came on in your 2004 Toyota sienna?

The gas cap was loose on my '04 Sienna. How's that for simple...

Where is the light switch on a 1998 ford F350 for the dome light?

turn head light switch till it clicks and theses your dome light switch...

Why does replacing the bulb in the dome light of my 1995 Camry not fix it?

Check the fuse box under the hood next to the battery. The lid will map the location of the 20A fuse for the dome light. Don't be surprised if the radio and/or clock goes out when you pull it, but should work OK when its replaced.

How do you make dome light come on when door opens?

Put the dome light switch on door located on the headliner to the side of the light

How do you replace the dome light on a suzuki grand vitara?

to replace dome light in suzuki grand vitara

How do you replace dome light on s10 Chevy blazer?

how do you replace dome light in s10 chey blazer?

How do you replace the dome light in your 2005 Toyota?

To replace the dome light in your 2005 Toyota, you will need a flat screwdriver to remove the screws and pry the dome light cover from the light. You can then access the light to change the bulb or replace the entire bulb and cover.

Where are the switches for the dome light located on the doors of a 2004 Olds Alero The dome light will not shut off when the doors are closed but the light works from the switch at the light itself.?

The switches for the dome light on each door of a 2004 Olds Alero are at the front of the door. They are on the door frame where the door meets the frame when it is closed. If the dome light is staying on, try checking the dome light control by the headlight switch, also. It may have gotten bumped when entering the vehicle.

I have a 2000 Toyota solara i replaced my interior dome light and it does not work i replaced the fuse and it burns out ..what could cause this problem and is it easy to fix my self?

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