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How do you fix the doors on a 1992 Mazda 626?


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It depends on what is wrong with them

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i have a mazda 626 and the engine light came on what do i do and how do i fix it

i have a 2000 mazda 626 with a 1744 code. i was able to pull the code but my scanner wont tell me what it is for. what does this code represent and how do i fix it?

youtube will tell you. ive posted a video just type in how to fix car antenna

if your not a mechanic stop googling ways to fix your car and take it to a professionial.

well trans fluid in all the cylinders will work or a rebuild

Generally whenever a switch goes bad the only thing you can do is replace it.

its because you blew the fuse on the illumination just swap it out. same problem

My 1991 Mazda 626 will start and idle fine but when you put it in gear the HOLD light flashes and the car will not move almost as if the tranny is shot but its NOT the flashing hold light indicates that there is an electrical problem with the tranny but my question is is there some kind of reocuring problem with this year and model if so how do i fix it

The only way to change the filter is to remove the trans, take the trans apart, assembling with new gasket, the best fix for this is to install an inline filter.

You will have to determine if the fuse, the switch, the wiper motor, the linkage, the pulse board or the wiring/connections is at fault before you can fix it.

To adjust the idle on Mazda 929 from 1992-1995.......on the top side off throttle body there is a idle air screw,turn screw cloclwise to reduce RPM. idle always high when hot or cold?

IF the system is the same as the Mazda pickups and Mazda Navajo, HeaterTreater has a product that will fix the problem. Mazda diagrams are hard to come by. If you check the pictures on the Ebay listing, you should be able to determine if the fix will work.

Gain access by removing the roof liner. Check the cables to see if they have seized, replace them if they are. how do i remove the liner

it can fix wood, doors and all other bits of wood

The hold system light will flash when the transmission is in need of repair, check your owners manual for the guide to the dash lights. A mechanic will need to inspect asap.

remove engine or transmission to get to rear oil seal . you have to remove fly wheel to r/r rear seal .pretty heavy dutyjob.

Sliding doors doors a really hard to fix so you would've to fix it by putting it on it side and then pull it up

The doors use magnets to hold them shut. The doors have knobs for opening.

well i personally have this car and i love it so much it has the horse power of the lion in the hot desert being run down by wildebeasts and when the lion gets to close you press the left button on the mirror and the lion will fix it for you. Dr. Bracken

The heater on the 03 Mazda Tribute is going in and out. What is the problem and how can it be fix?

Need to know how to fix the horn on a 1997 mazda millenia that doesn't work?

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