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How do you fix the fuel level float on a 1997 GMC Safari?

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This is fuel injected.. No float exists. This question could also pertain to the level in the fuel tank, which uses a float.

2009-01-10 23:36:22
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Where is the float on 1989 Jeep Wrangler?

The only float on an 89 Jeep is for the fuel level, and its in the fuel tank, attached to the fuel pump.

Where is the fuel float located on 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

If you mean the float that measures fuel level, it's in the gas tank.

Where is the fuel level module in a 1997 gmc jimmy?

how to re & re fuel level module on 1997 jimmy

Where is the fuel gauge float on a 1997 lumina?

Its in the gas tank with the sending unit and fuel pump

When installing a fuel pump in a 1997 jeep Cherokee what position should the float be in?

Assuming that the fuel tank is empty--float should be at lowest position

Is there a fuel bleeder valve on a 1997 GMC Safari Van?

there is no bleeder valve on a Safari van unless someone put a diesel in it

What is float position and how is it accomplished?

the float is a component in a carbureator that meters the amount of fuel in the fuel bowl. when it fills with gas, it shuts off the fuel supply. regulating the level of fuel in the carb.

1997 Chevy venture gas gauge acting crazy?

sticking float on the fuel pump, or malfunction in the float

Where is the float located on 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

If you mean the float that measures fuel level, it's in the gas tank.

Where is the fuel level sensor located on a 1997 Chevy s10 truck?

the fuel level sensor is located in the fuel tank with the fuel pump

What is the fuel pressure range on a 1997 GMC Safari van 4.3?

55 - 61 psi

Fuel level sensor?

Fuel level sensors on most vehicles are located inside the fuel tank. The sensor is usually a type of float that moves around inside the fuel tank.

Why is a float carburetor important?

Floats control the amount of fuel in the carburator's bowls. The fuel level that is incorrect can cause an lean/rich condition.

What is the gas float specs for a Kawasaki bayou 300?

Float height settings for the Kawasaki bayou are 17 millimeters from the edge of the float bowl to the very top of the float. Raising the float lowers the fuel level, this will also prevent fuel from coming out of the overflow tube.

Would anyone know why the fuel gauge on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze seems to drop slow and steady over short distances When coming to a stop the fuel gauge will go from a half tank to three quarters tank?

Fuel gauges operate using a float and sensor. The float literally floats on top of the fuel. The sensor detects the position of the float. If the fuel level is high, the float stays relatively near the top. Once the fuel level starts to go down the float drops. When you push on the brakes, the fuel moves around in the tank, the way liquids do. The result is that the float moves to the top of the fuel and the gauge points to a corresponding position. Certainly there can be more accurate and reliable methods of determining fuel level. But you just need to recognize that the gauge is only reliable when the car is going straight, level and constant speed. The 'better' fuel gauge would cost many times more than the one that's in your car right now, and it wouldn't necessarily be more reliable, all it would do is stop the gauge from moving around when you take a corner or step on the brakes. What you have works. It's a relatively reliable technology.

Why doesnt your fuel level gauge work for your 1990 ford mustang?

The float in the fuel tank may need to be replaced.

Where is the 2000 Chevy astro gas float located?

The only 'gas float' on a 2000 Astro van is part of the fuel level sending unit, located inside of the fuel tank.

What if your gas hand floats on your 2002 Oldsmobile silhouette how do you fix this problem?

If you are talking about the fuel gauge moving on its own or when the vehicle comes to a stops this is controlled by the fuel level sensor it consists of a float, a wire float arm, and a ceramic resistor card. The position of the float arm indicates the fuel level. The fuel level sensor contains a variable resistor which changes resistance in correspondence with the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. If after you have scanned the vehicles computer and find no problems then to correct this you will need to replace the complete fuel pump, it only comes as complete unit...

What causes fuel gauge to fluctuate on 1997 Chevy blazer?

The fuel gauge is on what is called a float. The float rises and lowers according to the level of fuel in the tank. That reading will change. If you are going up hill it may look more full than it really is, or if you are going down hill it may look lower than it really is (that could be the other way around.) The float moves freely and it will rise and lower. When you fill up and are on level ground it should give you a close to accurate reading.

Why wont 1997 safari van start it did at one point with starting fluid now it wont?

change fuel pump

Can you put an in-line fuel pump in a 1997 dodge 3500 van?

No, the existing fuel pump also has the float assembly and is mounted in the tank.

Why does the Low fuel light keeps coming on even after refuelling grand caravan?

the fuel level sensor or (float) may need replacement.

What is code P0463 on a dodge diesel mean?

Fuel level sensor circuit high. You have an open circuit in the fuel float or in the wiring to the tank.

Chevy 350 dies when turning corner has mechanical fuel pump whats wrong with it?

The float level in the carburetor is either to high and floods the engine while turning and it dies.If it's to low then fuel goes to one side of the fuel boal in the carburetor when turning and engine leans out / RUNS OUT OF FUEL. and dies.Adjust float level in carb.

What does a gas tank sendor unit do?

Simple Answer: Measures fuel level. How it works: The simple form of this sensor is a float that floats in the fuel. The float is connected to an arm that operates a electrical rheostat that varies the voltage to the gauge.