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Sell the car for less than you think it is worth and get rid of the problem.


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If your fuel gauge is out of wack, go to the local parts store and orfer some fuel gauge wack. Pour it directly into the gauge until it is full of wack..........

Park the truck further away from the Honda.

Take a look at the lift sensor mounted on the left front fender.

How do you fix trouble code po1362 and the Honda odssey 2000

your rpm gauge works off your engin your speed gauge works off the transmission where the cable slides into the transmission tha plastic geer is probably stripped

That would really depend on what is broken.

If the coil is bad you do not fix it you just replace it with a new one.

Yes, there is a manual to fix a Honda Accord window being off track. A person can obtain this maintenance manual, it is will give direction on how to fix the windows.

You don't fix it, you replace the door lock actuator.

Take it to a professional alignment shop and have the alignment checked.

Depends on what is wrong with the window.

Depends on what and where it is leaking. Need more information.

This is the most common failure that will cause this code. COPY & PASTE THE LINK. Look at photo #22, the purge control solenoid.

Check bulbs Check fuse Check switch

It could be a fuse or the fuel sending unit. On that vehicle the fuel sending unit can be accessed by removing the rear seat.

550.00 @ Honda of Annapolis. Having the same problem with my 92 Accord.

Have you tried assessing the problem at all? It might make this question easier to answer.

Fix the problem then you can clear the code.

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