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8 times out of 10 on a Jeep it is the horn button. If yours is not air bag equiped, pop the button off (pulls off towards you). You will see only one wire, ground that wire, if the horn honks, it is corrosion on the back of the round metal plate, take it off, clean it and all should be well. Tip, disconnect the battery before you pull off that plate, the horn will honk randomly and sometimes for long periods as you remove the plate.

Almost the other 2 times out of 10, it is poor grounding up at the rad/grill. There are 2 ground wires bolt to the back of the grill, one per side. They provide ground for the headlights and the horn, make sure both are clean and tight.

From there, horn relay, wiring, connections, horn itself etc etc. YJ's are a nightmare for electrical connection corrosion.


More than likely it's the fuse located in the fuse bos under the hood


Both answers were excellent and assisted me with my problem. Just to add to that, there are three fuses dealing with the horn. There's the big boxey horn relay, a big blade fuse, and a mini fuse, all located in the outside fuse box mounted on the firewall next to the battery. Don't overlook that little mini fuse, as I did.

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Q: How do you fix the horn in a 1994 Jeep Wrangler if it is not the fuse and no wires are loose?
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