Best Answer Works like a charm. I spent $497.00 getting my 1999 Sienna handle fixed at the dealer, less than 2 yrs later it broke again. This fix took less than 30 mins and cost pennies.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-10 19:23:37
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Q: How do you fix the lock on the rear hatch of 1999 Toyota Sienna from a 'stuck in locked' position?
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What is the part called that opens the hatchback on a 1999 Toyota Sienna?

rear hatch outer handle, or if the part your'e talking about is inside the door its called a rear hatch doorlatch...hey it rhymes!

Where is the tire jack for 2005 Toyota sienna awd?

mine is a 2WD model, but if it's the same, have a look on passenger side access panel immediately inside rear hatch.

How do you replace the rear hatch door handle on a 98 Toyota Sienna?

See this link: I'm going to try it tomorrow. Good Luck, Dave

Where is the spare tire changing kit on a 2001 Toyota Sienna? is on the driver side at the the very back, just behind the 3rd. row seats. You will see a "hatch" on the sidewall......driver side.

How do you fix a 2006 Kia Sedona tailgate latch that is stuck in the locked position when opened and won't close?

While pulling on the handle as if to open the hatch, take a screw driver and pop the locking mechanism/latch to the open position. It should work no problem.

Why back hatch on Toyota sequoia won't open?

where is the botton to open back door on 2003 toyota sequoia

Will a 1999 Toyota 4Runner rear door hatch fit a 2000 Toyota 4Runner?

Yes, it should fit perfectly.

How do you turn the dome lights off with the radio still on Ford Freestyle?

Just found the following fix and it works like a charm! With the tailgate open use a screwdriver to force the tailgate lock into the locked position. It will take 2 pushes to get it into its fully locked position. The lights will stay on for the same amount of time that they do after closing the doors and, then, they will shut off. To close the hatch, just pull up on the handle that you use to open it. Excellent and simple!!

How do you change the third brake light bulb on 2001 Toyota highlander?

Open the rear hatch, there is a plastic panel that is at the top of the hatch which is long and thin.. It snaps out and the light is behind it. Careful though, the clips break.. I took it Toyota, I couldn't figure it out..

What is a low reading of oil on dipstick of Toyota Corolla 2000?

you will either have a hatch mark or a hole drilled in the dipstick if you have the hatch mark then at the bottom of the mark if a hole then the bottom hole

96 Volvo 850 the truck lock it stuck in the locked position can not close trunk now. I remember that year ago the same thing happened with my car door and my ex did something with a screwdriver?

Inside the door there is a release, the place where if you were in the back you could open the hatch, the lever. Stand outside the car and open the hatch. Reach inside and open that lever. It will open the mechanism.

What is the full picture on Counterfeit Island?

Once you access the secret tunnel behind the locked door near the docks, there is a locked hatch that leads directly to the museum's storage room. The lock is a statue of a dragon's face, and you have to rearrange its features in a certain way for the lock to disengage. The complete picture shows how to arrange the features to unlock the hatch.

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