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the first thing you have to do is drain your oil as if you were changing the oil. jack up the front of the car on both passenger and driver side to give more securtiy. you will need to get under the car, you also need a socket wrench. Take off the existing bolts surronding you oil tank, keeping in mind to hold the tank in the middle so it doesn't fall and spray oil all over. next replace the old gasket with the new one.

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Q: How do you fix the oil pan gasket in a 95 Dodge Intrepid?
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Water in engine oil 1998 Dodge Intrepid?

sounds like bad head gasket(s)

How much will it cost to fix a leak in the Oil Pan Gasket of a 1998 Dodge Intrepid?

155 for barnad new oil pan and possibly 2 hr labour that will 160 all cost you lookin at 350

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How do I change the oil pan gasket on a 1999 Dodge Intrepid with 3.5 engine, what is the proper torque for the bolts.

Why is smoke coming from your spark plugs on a 1997 Dodge Intrepid?

Perhaps valve cover gasket is leaking oil onto plug area

Reset oil change light on 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

A 2001 Intrepid does not have an oil change light.

How do you Change oil sensor switch 2000 dodge intrepid?

how to change oil pressure switch in 2001 Dodge Intrepid I need to look at a diagram

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What kind of oil does a Dodge Intrepid need?


What type of oil for Dodge Intrepid?

5w30 or 10w30

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Where is the oil pan on a 1999 Dodge Intrepid?

on the bottom of the engine

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5w30 or 10w30

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Where is the oil filter located on a 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

The oil filter in a 2001 Dodge Intrepid is located on the driver's side of the engine. The filter is in the front of the engine, over the frame of the car,

Why is there water in oil in Dodge Intrepid?

Sounds like head gasket is leaking Possibly factory flaw water pump could be faulty common factory defect water pump goes out works by oil pressure drips water into oil pan looking at about 2000 dollar fix car has many design flaws

How do you change the oil pan gasket on a 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

It is not very hard. Your intrepid will need to be lifted. first drain your oil. While your oil is draining take off both your sway bar mounts (located on your frame, a metal bracket over top a rubber bumper) this will allow you to drop your oil pan completely. Remove all your bolts clean the oil pan, especially were your new gasket will set. Install your bolts ensuring not over torque. Fill up your oil, check for leaks. Gasket $25...

Where is the Location of oil drain plug on 2000 Dodge Intrepid?

For the engine oil - at the bottom of the oil pan.