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How do you fix the sunroof on a 1997 Mustang if it opened and now the switch makes clicking noises but the sunroof will not close?


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You will have to remove the sunroof motor, and the sunroof glass. Then you can move the guide tracks seperately until they are in the closed position. Then you can put the glass and motor back in, remove the power source (fuse or disconnect wire harness) to prevent any accidental opening until you can get it fixed. Chances are that a guide track or cable is broken, this can be a costly fix. Do not take it to the dealership, they will only want to install a whole sunroof unit. Take it to a local shop that installs aftermarket sunroofs.


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To reset the sunroof you must push the sunroof switch up and hold it for a few seconds then turn it to fully opened, then to closed.

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Well, switches don't often die without some signs of failure first. It could happen, though. I'd first try to check the sunroof for any broken parts or any binding, then I'd check the fuse. If the sunroof was indeed binding, it could cause a drag on the motor and blow the fuse.

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