How do you fix the volume button on the dish network remote control?

How to fix "all" buttons on the remote control is easy. Here is what you will need: A small flat screw driver (type to unscrew tiny screws), a pair of scissors, tweezers, superglue, and an old remote control.

1) Use the screw driver to pry apart the remote control and open it.
2) Pull off the plastic button part.
3) Underneath the plastic button part, you will find each button painted with black on them. They look like little dots. IT IS THIS "Black" THAT CONNECTS TO THE MOTHERBOARD OF THE REMOTE to make it work. Without these little black dots, it will not work.
4) Using the scissors, cut off the black dot on the stump. DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY DOWN, or you will just make a hole.
5) Do the same thing to the old remote, and cut off a black dot.
6) Superglue the black dot from the old remote to the new one. Make sure it doesn't stick out too far, or it will just keep your cable light on, and you can't do anything with the remote when you put it back together.
7) Put the remote back together.

There, I just saved you 20.00.

PS. If you don't have an old remote, just pick a button you don't ever use.