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How do you fix thin areas and bare spots in your lawn?

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Does hair grow everywhere on your body?

no; on bare-seeming areas, the hairs are very small and thin. The palms of your hands and feet do not grow hair, neither do your eyelids

What generally has thin and thick areas with the thin areas at the end of the lines?

a. serif letter

Why is geothermal energy limited to only some areas?

Because in some places, Earth's crust has cracks or thin spots in it. These areas allow some of the geothermal energy to rise up near the surface of Earth.

What are eye freckles?

* Eye freckles are areas of the eye where the overlaying "skin" is thin enough that it becomes transparent. The freckles or spots that are visable are usually gray and are actually inside the eyeball.

Can you use the word bare for wear Ex. He bared a thin pair of jeans?

No. The definition of bare means to be empty; not wearing anything. The cabinet was bare for i have not shopped in weeks. I cut my foot down at the river because i was bare-foot.

Is E45 good for clearing spots?

Yes but applied correctly (apply only a thin layer to skin). If you put to much on it can cause more spots.

What causes a thin colon wall?

Diverticulitis causes a thin colon wall. It is a condition that causes weak spots along the intestines in the colon area.

How do you fix the dead spots on your air hockey table?

Dead spots on your air hockey table could be the result of blocked holes. To fix these spots, poke a thin needle into each of the holes in that area to clear them.

Some volcanoes form over thin places in earths crust called?

hot spots

Why are leaves thin?

Leaves are usually broad, thin, and flat to increase surface area for photosynthesis. The wider the leaf is, the more spots there are for photosynthesis to take place.

How are mountains and volcanoes form?

Volcanoes form because in the earth's mantle there are some spots where it is especially thin and in these areas lava can pour out and form a volcano. A mountain is formed by two or more of the earth's titanic plates pushing against each other.

How do you aerate a yard?

To aerate a lawn you have to stick holes with a thin tool every inch or so all over. There are power tools for this!

How long is the earths crust?

The earth's crust makes up roughly 1% of the planet. It is a thin layer that is less than one kilometer in some spots and more than 80 at other spots.

What would be the result if the spots were made to large in a thin layer chromatography experiment?

it would be difficult to read as they would merge

What do ocelots look like in Minecraft?

Long, thin, yellow-ish with black spots, with a tail, eyes and short legs.

Tell you one sentence with the word emaciated?

Emaciated means very thin. The emaciated cows searched for something to eat in the bare field.

A thin strip of land that connects two large land areas in an it is surrounded on two sides of water?

A thin strip of land that connects two large land areas in and is surrounded on two sides of water is called an isthmus.

How do you overseed a lawn?

The best way to overseed a thin lawn is to make sure you choose the correct kind of seed for your lawn. Next get yourself a fertilizer spreader. You then put the seed in the spreader and proceed to push spreader over lawn evenly coating seed on all surfaces. Make sure after you do any kind of seeding that you keep it well watered to help promote seed germanation.

What are disadvantages of thin layer chromatography?

Difficult to reproduce, spots are often faint and not typically automatedspots are often faint, and TLC is difficult to reproduce. NOT typically automatedmore points on liquid chromatography:Over-large SpotsUneven Advance of Solvent FrontStreakingSpotting

What is Canadian shield made up of?

The Canadian Shield is mad up of thin soil on top of bedrock, with many bare outcrops and many lakes.

Is it possible to break steel in half with your bare hand?

If the bar is thin enough and not too short, it should be possible to bend and then break a bar of steel.

Is most of the planet is made of soil?

Soil is a very thin layer on certain areas of the crust.

What can someone do about thin skin on forearms and front of lower legs?

You can treat thin skin by applying moisturizers to the affected areas. Some dietary supplements, such as fish oil and flax seed, also help treat thin skin.

Why are your wrists so thin?

Usually, thw wrists are fairly thin and do not take on fat deposits as easily as other areas of the body (thighs, stomach, ect.) will. People who are thin will also tend to have naturally very bony wrists.

What happens in thin-layer chromatography if you make your spots too big on the origin of your developing plate?

There will be too much of the sample for it to effectively separate over such a short distance. The result will be a splotchy streak instead of several separate spots after development.