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You probably can't. If it stops working, it is broken.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-28 00:53:55
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Q: How do you fix your Nerf gun laser?
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Where is the switch for the laser on a Nerf gun?

I think there's only a laser on one nerf gun. and that's the recon. you have to put 1 or 2 AA batteries in then turn an orange switch on the side of the laser

How do you fix a Nerf gun?

Not designed to be fixed

Does the Nerf laser tag gun come with the shotgun atachment?

Yes it does

How do you put a laser on a Nerf gun?

There are two ways to do this: 1. buy a laser pen and do some drastic surgery on a Nerf gun involving tape, glue and sweat or 2. get a tactical light and clip it onto the tactical rail.

Is the Tommy Nerf gun real?

real thommy gun no. Is a Nerf thommy Nerf gun a real thommy Nerf gun then yes

How do you fix your Nerf maverick when it doesnt pump right?

spin the barrel in the gun and fire

What is the tax of a Nerf gun?

It depends what Nerf gun it is

How long does a Nerf gun last?

Until someone breaks it, otherwise years. most of the time the problems with Nerf guns are easy to fix.

Does the Nerf laser tag gun come with green dot scope?

no but I think you may be able to buy it sepretly

How do fix Nerf guns?

you should try taking out the screws with a plus sign screwdriver and opening the shell then putting the insides back in the gun. To look for pictures of the insides of a Nerf gun go to Google and type in your Nerf gun's internal pictures. the shell is the 2 sides of your gun. taking the gun apart can be risky sometimes.

Which one is smaller the Nerf dart tag or the Nerf pen gun?

the Nerf dart gun

How do you go slow motion on a Nerf laser gun?

you cannot, i have tried it, it was an EPIC FAIL! hope that deterred you.... LMFAO:) -flareshot

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