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There are two parts of the headset, the microphone and the speaker.

to fix the speaker: take the foam off the speaker, press in the four tabs with a knife or screwdriver and pull out the speaker. Look for loose connections and fix them with a soldering iron and solder.

to fix the microphone: the wires that control the microphone are the white and bare wires. there is a circuit board inside the earpiece of the headset and there should be four connections (2 white and 2 bare) on the top. there may be wires loose or a bad connection. you can fix these with a soldering iron and solder, but unless you are good at soldering i recommend that you stick with cleaning it. and maybe use some electrical tape.

the speaker part of the headset is an easy fix but if you find that it is the microphone, you might just go get a new one and save yourself some time because the mic is difficult for a new solderer to fix.

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Q: How do you fix your Xbox 360 mic?
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