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How do you flirt in India?

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Of course it is ok to flirt if you like someone or something you can flirt it is alright to flirt

John is the biggest flirt in the school.Ashley is known to flirt with older boys.

Yes, a person can flirt. They just have to be careful and not flirt with the wrong people.

Flirt,flirt,Flirt i got my first boyfrined in 5th grade and all i had to do was flirt

You flirt with a girl like you would flirt with a guy.

to flirt = פלירטט (fleertet)flirt (noun) = פלירט (fleert)

You would flirt with your cousin just the way you would flirt with anyone else.

1. FLIRT 2. FLIRT 3. FLIRT how? go to wikihow and search flirting

girls flirt to get a guys attention

Justin is a total flirt!

I think that you should flirt with her to let her know you want to be flirted with. Also try and flirt with other girls so she knows your a flirt she will feel comfortable.

just flirt with him like hes an average guy just dont be to girlyish when you do flirt with him

you can flirt with him by looking at him and smiling

Why flirt with your bestfriend? you might ruin your friendship

The same way they flirt with boys.

This guy flirt with me because his not satisfy with his lover.

Flirt FM was created in 1995.

The past tense of flirt is flirted.

You can go on emotes and click flirt.

the flirt by licking their fingures

Act like you like him Don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't make him flirt with you! Don't! Don't make him flirt with you!

well if you want to find out go to Alaska and flirt with a polar bear and see if they flirt back

Whatever you do, DON'T flirt with girls already going out with someone.

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