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How do you flirt with a guy friend being VERY seceretive?


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Believe it or not guys are dumb, we really are, just flirt how you think you should and he probably will think you about you. Just giggle when he says something he thinks is funny. (it worked for my girlfriend)

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One thing that you can do if your friend is being mean to you, is to talk about how you are feeling. If after you talk to your friend, he or she continues to be mean, they are not being a very good friend and it might be better to avoid them for a while.

No, but he is very romantic and he can get girl's attention, but he is not what you would call a "flirt".

Trust me this happens to me a LOT here are a few tips if you are scared to tell him... Do something out of the ordinary (like hugging him or something) that clues him in Always flirt in the least (or most) obvious moments and Try being yourself

It is normal to do this a little but if it hurts your feelings, then she is not being considerate of you and that is a very worrying sign. Talk to her.

Flirt flirt flirt and tell her all the stuff she wants to hear ie. she looked very pretty today

It all depends on the girl. If she is very shy and doesn't normally flirt with boys then I would talk to your friend about this. Never ever talk to the girl about this. It'll just make her want to flirt more with your friend. If she is very outgoing and flirts with any boy that will get his eyes on her then I wouldn't worry about it. That just means she's trying to get attention.

Because the friendship is not followed on terms and conditions.One has to accept the friend in wholeness with all his weaknesses. Or that friend could simply be very competive over this guy...

At least try to become the very best friend, wait a few months or years. If you guys are still very good friends try to ask her if she likes you but do it in a friend way like don't straight tel her you like her just start with you guys being bored bout you like you don't,find someone else

There are many different steps to take when getting a boy friend. You should flirt and act very kind for example.

It could mean she thinks you are full of . . . blueberries, or she may be trying a very mild flirt, or she may like you as a friend, or she might like you as a boy.

very simple, don't be her friend whatever friend she is she is definitely not a good one. a true friend will like you just for you! not being her friend will save you a lot of fights and tears

Being pissed at somebody is the same as being very annoyed at someone. So it means to be angry/annoyed with them.

Alot of Gay people are very forward with their sexuality. Just buy him a drink , and flirt its the best thing! My brother is gay and he goes to gay bars, and tends to pick up quite a lot of guys by being forward with them :)

Try waiting for a very casual moment when you're both very comfortable, perhaps when you're sharing one of your favorite activities. Put your hand on his/her shoulder, or forearm, or hand. Just a quick touch. Observe the response. If it's positive, then by all means press your advantage. If it's negative, then keep your friend--don't push it. Note that this is just the straight answer to "how do you flirt?" If you really want to become romantically involved with your best friend, and he/she really is your best friend, then you guys are already talking and sharing lots of emotional intimacy, so I would highly recommend that you just be honest and express your feelings. If you get a positive response, then flirt like crazy, and I bet you won't need any advice on how to do it.

It could be: Stress Anxiety Illness Being very upset Being very excited about something such as a friend visiting

Yes, yes she is. Very much so.

If your her best friend and she's popular then you probably are too. So flirt with her or just tell her younlike her. That would be the best thing got do. Idlf you don't want to then tell one of her friends. Or just ask her out

A turnell is a cool character that me and my friend made up. It was mostly her idea and I kinda added on to it. She is a very good friend who is very funny and has ma big imagination. Thank-You for being a great friend Dominique. A question to my friend: Is that how you spell your name??? From Clueless Name Speller, Bronwyn

If this guy friend isn't gay, then is very offensive to him if he is your friend, and you end up liking him. You must talk to him and ask him if he is alright with you still being friends.

that really stinks, but your friend has her own opinion of what a friend is, and it may not be a good one! maybe if your BFFS new friend starts being mean to your friend, your friend might miss you and comeback. if not, well, your friend wasn't a very good friend Thats true. Thanks!

You can flirt with a 13 year-old girl by being very kind to her. Finding things a-like too. Show her that she matters. Don't tease her or anything like that. Try to talk to her more often. Like saying hi. Or bye. Good Luck!

You could be pregnant. Take a test. Or it could just be caused by stress, anxiety, illness, travel, sudden temperature change where you are, being very upset (eg. close friend has died), being very excited (eg. close friend coming to stay)

Yes, they do. A very good, very honest friend of mine saw one being chased by a small dog in 1991.

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