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Antifreeze manufacturers recommend changing the coolant once a year, and some service manuals stipulate flushing and refilling the radiator every 24 months, regardless of mileage. Antifreeze Importance Antifreeze serves two important functions: protecting the cooling system at temperature extremes and inhibiting rust and corrosion in the system. Many antifreezes also have additives that help lubricate the water pump and thermostat, so coolant has multiple advantages over plain water. Glycol Styles Antifreeze's active ingredient is glycol. "Standard" coolants contain ethylene glycol (EG), which is toxic to people, pets, wildlife and groundwater. In recent years, less-toxic antifreezes containing propylene glycol have become available. These products advertise comparable cooling qualities to EG antifreezes but with less environmental impact. Either way, always clean up any coolant spills/radiator boil-overs promptly. Draining & Flushing Rust and sediment can accumulate in the cooling system. Flushing the radiator helps keep the cooling system clean. Begin by parking the car away from kids, pets and storm drains. Elevating the car on ramps can make the job easier. With the ignition off, engine cool, car in Park and emergency brake set, remove the radiator cap. Place a bucket or pan (minimum 2-gallon capacity) under the radiator drain plug and open it. Close the plug once the coolant flow ends. For more thorough draining, remove the plug(s) in the engine block (if so equipped) to release the coolant that remains in the engine. If the old coolant appears rusty or contaminated, flush the system with a radiator-cleaning product to further remove sediment. With all drain plugs closed, fill the radiator with a flush/cleaner product and plain water. Then run the vehicle with the heater on high for as long as the flush product's instructions specify. Once the engine cools, drain the flushing solution, refill the radiator with plain water, and repeat the sequence following the flush's instructions. Refilling Consult your vehicle's owner's manual and the antifreeze bottle for proper coolant-to-water ratio, which can vary between 40% and 70% antifreeze based on vehicle and climate. Fill the radiator appropriately then fill the overflow reservoir to the appropriate level with a 50/50 mix. Clean up any spills immediately. Close the cap(s) and run the vehicle up to operating temperature with the heater on high to circulate the coolant throughout the system. Once the engine cools, check for leaks. After a few days of driving, double-check the coolant mixture with a hydrometer or test strips (both of which are available inexpensively from the parts store) and adjust the concentration as necessary. Additives Various chemical additives are formulated to improve cooling-system performance while you drive. Rust inhibitors are designed to reduce oxidation and neutralize acids; many also include lubricants for the water pump and thermostat. Other chemicals improve the coolant's heat-dissipation properties and claim up to a 20-degree F reduction in operating temperature. Flushing your car's cooling system isn't the most glamorous way to spend a Saturday morning. But just as your refrigerator's coils need periodic vacuuming for proper operation, keeping the car's cooling system clean is cheaper and easier than the consequences of ignoring it.

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Q: How do you flush a radiator on a 1991 Through 2007 Ford Explorer all models?
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Do you have to flush out a radiactor you got from a junk yard and how do you flush a radiator?

Unhook any hoses and run water through it.

How do you flush the radiator in a 97 Chevy astro van?

Remove The Radiator And Have A Radiator Shop Test, And Flush It.

How do you do a radiator flush on a 1997 Chrysler Sebring?

u need to take both the radiator hoses off the radiator and take a water hose to the top inlet. leave the cap on it. and let water run through it to flush it out.

How flush radiator 97 mustang?

Open the radiator drain and let drain into a catch basin. Run water through the radiator by filling through the radiator cap with a hose till the water coming out is clear. Fill through the overflow bottle if there is not a radiator cap present.

How do you flush the radiator fluid in a 97 Geo Prism?

Remove the bottom radiator hose. Stick a hose in the top of the radiator. Turn the water on. Allow the water to run through the radiator and out the bottom of the radiator.

Should the car be running to flush the radiator?

Just flushing the radiator, no but to flush the system, yes.

How do you flush the radiator on a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

there is a radiator plug on the bottom passenger side of the radiatior, take that out and flush from the radiator cap.

What does a radiator flush do?

Cleans antifreeze and dirt out of the radiator

How do you flush the radiator on a 1997 Chevy Malibu?

Remove the coolant from your 1997 Chevy Malibu radiator. Remove the bottom radiator hose. Run water through the top of the radiator allowing it to run out the bottom.

How to flush a Toyota previa radiator?

To flush a Toyota Previa radiator, first drain the antifreeze in the radiator into a bucket. This is done by turning the valve at the bottom of the radiator. Close the valve and add a radiator flush product purchased at an automotive parts store. Follow the directions on the bottle of flush. This usually means running the vehicle for a certain amount of time and then draining the radiator again.

What happens if you don't flush the radiator flush?

can crack the engine.

How do you flush the radiator in a 2002 mercury cougar since there is no radiator cap?

Remove both upper and lower radiator hoses and run your garden hose water through from the top opening.

Radiator Flush?

form_title=Radiator Flush form_header=Keep your car's system clean! If you need a radiator flush, we will help you find the auto service you need. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ Is this the first time you've had your radiator flushed?= () Yes () No () Not Sure Did you ever have the radiator replaced on this car?= () Yes () No () Not Sure Have you noticed any problems with your radiator?=_

When you flush the radiator on a Jeep Wrangler does the heater core get flushed with it?

It would be best to disconnect the coolant lines and flush the core after the radiator flush. This will clear any sediment from the core.

How do you do a radiator flush on a Ford Fiesta?

Drain the radiator. Leaving the drain plug open, run water from a hose into the radiator and continue to flush until the out coming water is clear.

How do you flush the radiator on a 2003 Chevy Malibu?

is there a drain plug on the radiator

What can be done if you put oil in car radiator?

Get a new radiator or flush it out?

How do you flush the radiator on a 1990 Nissan 240sx?

there is a plug on the bottom of the radiator, pull it. what i do is take the whole thing out and you a garden hose and flush it out like that.

How do you do a radiator flush on a 2002 Sebring?

Take your car into a shop that does radiator flushes or buy a radiator flush kit from autozone or advanced auto stores you just need the cleaner and a hose

If you have trans fluid in your coolant getting new radiatorhow do you flush out engine block and heads?

remove thermostat housing and lower radiator hose from block flush through block.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1986 cadillac?

You have to pull the lower radiator hose to drain/flush the radiator

Why does the hose from the radiator to the thermostat lose pressure it gets no water through it?

coolant in engine enters radiator at the bottom, goes up thru radiator and exits radiator at top. i would think your radiator is clogged up try a good,(expensive) radiator flush to see it that fixes proble,

How do you Flush radiator 2002 jaguar x?

In order to flush the radiator you will need to remove the lower tray to access the hose. Unscrew the drain plug attached to the hose and let the radiator drain.

Why won't water circulate through the radiator of my 94 Toyota Previa?

the reason it wont circulate is cuz u radiator is clogged or plugged flush it or buy a new one

Can you damange radiator or engine by flush?

You will not damage the engine but you can damage the radiator if you use any high pressure. If you only flush and apply no pressure you will do no damage. Use a chemical flush and a water hose and you will be safe.