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Concentrate on your husband and let him concentrate on his wife you are not together for a reason adn you are with the man that you married for a reason don't mess it up thinking about the past GOD blessed you with your husband don't lose out on it hope eeverything works out for you Good luck and God Bless!! If you loved him this much why did you let him go?You have to understand that if this love was meant to be it would have happened.That's the first step to forget him..You have accept the truth and be happy with your life.I want to share a story I read somewhere it's a little long but maybe you'll feel better: A woman is crying and she has a confession to make to her husband of 20 years. She tells her husband that it's been such a long time but she feels she needs to tell him the truth. She tells him that for 20 years she couldn't forget about her ex. She wanted to marry him but her dad didn't let her..when she asked her dad why..he said it was because he saw him spit on the ground one time and he felt it was disrespectful.Stupid reason right?Years went by and she wasn't allowed to see her ex. She was in love with him, that's all she thought about everyday all day.Than she met her husband, her dad wanted her to marry him...She did..Not because she loved him but because she just did...Yes, she goes on to her husband..We had 2 beautiful children and I admit I never showed love to you when all you did was treat me with respect and love I could ever ask for...I know I made a mistake and yes, after 20 years I came to say I am sorry..I realized how much I actually love you..I know it's too late but I have to tell you...She goes on...I married my ex after you passed away and well, the marriage lasted for 2 months..I had not seen what I had with you was so great because of my thoughts of what could've been with my ex..You see my dad was right a guy who spits on the floor is disrespectful and he will not respect women either...I learned it the hard way..So today I came here (by her husbands grave) to tell you that it was you I loved all along...

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Q: How do you forget your ex after you are both separately married but you still love him?
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