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Franchise lotto inquiry at PCSO offices. However, selecting franchisee depends on your wealth and if you have connections inside... Try it to. Please also try the tips below in "RELATED LINK" label so you won't get scammed.

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How much of franchise of lotto outlet Phil?


How much is the start-up capital of a lotto outlet in the Philippines?


You are from Rosario La Union and you wish to put up a lotto outlet in the area could it be possible for a franchise in the place?

All I know is that PCSO no longer gives franchise in the Luzon areas, however, in Visayas and Mindanao, it is still open. Try to read also a few tips to avoid getting scammed -

How much it cost for lotto franchise?

"How much it cost for lotto franchise?"

Sample letter of intent for opening a lotto outlet?

ask for sample letter of intent to apply LOTTO outlet?

Estimated monthly income of a lotto outlet?


What is the cost of a Philippine Lotto Franchise?

The cost of Franchise from Application fees to Bonds and others are much lower than fifty thousand pesos (50k). It is not "closed " in Metro Manila. Its just harder to get a good location. But if a new mall is about to open, i am sure a lotto franchise would be available. You may get all the information that you will need including forms about the PCSO Lotto Franchise from this e-book I bought, see below website link: " A Complete PCSO Lotto Franchise e-book ", it cost PHP700 pesos.

How much will it cost for lotto outlet franchising?


Where in iloilo city has available place for lotto franchise?

lapaz iloilo city

How much and where to franchise Phil lotto?

Around 5 million U.S. dollars!

How much is the franchise fee of angel's burger Philippines?

Angel's Burger is a popular franchise option in The Philippines. It is said that the franchise fee of Angel's Burger is $150,000 and opportunities to own a franchise are frequently advertised online.

How do you get Haldiram's Franchise in India?

can we open the outlet at patiala

How much is the rent of lotto space outlet?


How much is the cash bond for Philippine lotto franchise?

300k according to pcso website

What is a piggyback franchise?

When two or more franchise operate in one outlet -By Anubhav Beri (BBA Student)

Where is the vans factory outlet in manila-Philippines?

As of 2014 there is not a listed Vans outlet located in the Philippines. However, customers can purchase the products through retailers.

Is there a hooters franchise in the Philippines?

Yes there is a Hooters franchise in the Philippines and they are located on the Bay side of the Mall of Asia and will open 7 more stores.

Who is the franchise owner of McDonalds Philippines?


How much is the franchise fee for krispy kremes in the Philippines?

Krispy Kreme was established in 1937. The franchise fee for Krispy Kreme in the Philippines is between $25,000 and $50,000.

Where is the gap factory outlet in the Philippines?

There is no Gap factory outlet in the Philippines. There are Gap stores in Glorietta 4, Ayala Center and Trinoma Malls.

What are the requirements in franchising lotto outlet?

Application for a lotto outlet in metro manila is said to be closed unless you have a new building or mall which is at least 100 meters away from schools and other lotto outlet. But if you're in the province there's a greater chance your application will be approved. Visit it's the official PCSO website. It has all the necessary requirements including cost for an aspiring lotto agent. YES! it's applying as a LOTTO AGENT not FRANCHISING LOTTO since it's a government owned business so you do not have to pay for it's name. The site also contains the application forms and other instructions as to how to apply as a lotto agent, or better yet, go directly to the PCSO office but BEWARE of FIXERS. If you apply online, be careful for there are lots of Scams on the web-wide world. Also, if you are planning to buy an existing lotto outlet, investigate why it is being sold and inquire the PCSO office if transfer of lotto ownership is allowed. Hope this helps all those who are interested in becoming a lotto agent :)- LENYGANDA

Is there already lotto outlet in malita davao del sur?

yes there is!!! that is located in public market in poblacion malita... former zandra store! but,that was 4 years ago when i was pretty sure until now the lotto outlet is still open for business.. ^.^

Where is radioshack store in the Philippines?

there is no radio shack outlet in the philippines you can check out deeco

Where is the factory outlet of fubu in the Philippines?


How much does a mini-stop franchise cost in the Philippines?

How much purchasing a franchise of mini stop