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press space bar but it only freezes time for 10 secounds and it takes five secounds to reset so you can uses it again.

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Q: How do you freeze the clock on super power island?
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Can you get a super power?

You can get a super-power on Poptropica, by going to the super-power island. If you go to the Super-power island and beat the island, you will be granted a super power- Flying. But, sadly, you can only use this super-power of flying on the super-power island.

What is the next island in Poptropica after super power?

The island after Super Power Island was Spy Island.

Where is the subway on Super Power island?

The subway is Downtown on Super Power Island.

Are there cheats for super power island popatropica?

There are no cheats in super power Island.

On super power island can you have super strength?

No, there is no "super strength" on super power island glad to help :D

Where is the junkyard on Super power island?

Go as far as you can to your right in Super Power Island.

Is there a walk through for super power island on you tube?

Yes, that is how I completed super power island!

How do you get super speed onsuper power island in poptropica?

you can't get speed on super power island

How many quests are there on super power island?

There are 6 villains to defeat on Super Power Island.

How do you get the force shield on super power island?

The force shield is not an item on Super Power Island

How do you beat the clock on Super Villain Island?

In Binary Bard's dream, you have to short out his energy clock, using the stopwatch to freeze the hands when both hands are on the power connections at 3, 6, 9, or 12, e.g. at times such as 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock. After 3 times, he is defeated and the Astrolabe totem falls out.

Where do you get the stopwatch to freeze time on Super Villain Island?

The room of requirement

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