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If the father did not sign the birth certificate, then you already have sole custody.


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If the father signed the birth certificate, then the mother will have to go to family court to obtain sole custody of the child, whether or not the case will be contested.

Yes, the birth certificate will not give him custody. The father have to prove paternity in court with a DNA test and he can then petition for visitation or custody. Then he can also pay child support.

Even if the father's name is on the birth certificate, and is living with the mother, except in Arizona.

No, as he has no legal rights to the child even if he sign the certificate himself. You will need to file for custody. see links below.

Yes, the mother can have full custody of the child if the father's name is not on the birth certificate and he has not paid any child support. However, if you just didn't want the father's name on the birth certificate at the time the baby was born, but received child support then you may have trouble getting full custody.

Do the kids make fun of him for having your maiden name? Did you give him custody of the child? Is he his guardian? If so, then yes.

Having one's signature on the birth certificate is a good first step, but it will not automatically give custody to that man. The court will look at all of the circumstances of the case.

Only if unmarried to the father. Single mothers have sole custody in 49 states by default. This is regardless of whether she's living with the father or not. yes but if theres no legal paperwork then its whoever is holding the child

You don't say which of the parents that are incarcerated but their rights to the child comes first. If the father is not in the birth certificate and he has not established paternity to the court so he can petition for visitation or custody and also pay child support, there is nothing that legally says he is the father. Then the maternal grandmother would have a better chance. If the father is not in the birth certificate but he has established paternity to the court so he can petition for visitation or custody and also pay child support, the chance should be equal.

The biological father does have parental rights but he have to petition the court for visitation rights and custody.

If his name is on the birth certificate he is the legal parent along with the mother. If they have split up she can go to court and ask for custody.

If the parents are unmarried, simply being the name on the birth certificate doesn't bestow any custody rights. An unmarried father must establish his paternity in court and arrange for a custody hearing if he wants custody. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most states until the father can establish his paternity. Remember, a child's mother can always be identified by medical records. Since the father didn't give birth and he was not legally married at the time of the birth he must establish his paternity by signing the birth certificate at the time of birth (waiving DNA testing rights) which must be done with mother's consent. If he signs the birth certificate he may still need to establish paternity through DNA testing. If he doesn't sign the birth certificate then he must establish his paternity through a DNA test. A paternity test can be arranged through the court. Once paternity has been established the father can request visitations, joint custody, full custody or the court will set up a schedule of regular child support payments for the child if she is to remain in the custody of her mother. The court will schedule a hearing and issue an order that is in the best interest of the child.

If the father is on the birth certificate you will still get all your incomes. The only way this could change for you is if the father had full custody or lived in the home.


he has the right to fight for custody of the child involved but in the end depending on the situation the mother would be granted soul custody unless the mother is less fit than the father to raise the child

If the mother wishes to have custody of the child, she should file a motion in the appropriate courthouse.

If the father is named on the birth certificate then the mother will have to file a writ of habeas corpus to request sole custody of the child. The father will be notified of the action and will be given a chance to contest it. The court will then rule as to which parent should retain custody or if it should be shared and if the child can be taken outside of the country. If father is not named on the child's birth certificate all the mother must do is present the birth cerificate at the time she applies for a passport for the child.

Even if no custody and access orders are in place, the father has up to six months to file an injunction ordering the return of the child to the jurisdiction of the court.

The mother has legal custody from birth if never married. The father have to go to court to get his parental rights and prove paternity so he can seek visitation, custody and pay child support. The mother is in this case the one who decides what name the child will have since she is the guardian.If the custody is not with father, then after getting the custody , they may change the name.

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