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How do you gain your girlfriend's trust back in eight days?


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November 10, 2005 10:19PM

I'm sorry, but I've had a giggle at your expense because "winning your girlfriend back in 8 days" makes for a good movie title. LOL Seriously, you can't! You have betrayed the one thing that is least forgiven ... trust! It takes time to regain her trust and you sure can't do it in 8 days. I don't know what your rush is, but if she's leaving in 8 days then I suggest you have a serious talk with her and tell her you want to communicate, be honest with each other and try to work it out. That everyone makes mistakes in order to learn from them, and you admit you made a mistake and it made you realize how much you love her and you're willing to work with her to improve your relationship. Hopefully you mean it and hopefully she may just give you another chance. Good luck Marcy