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== == Getting 40 Amps First, you'll need to run a set of heavier wires from the wall outlet for the water heater back to the main breaker panel - the longer the run is, the heavier the wires will have to be. The wires must have a black and a red as the two "hots, a white neutral and a green or bare ground wire. Then you'll need to buy and install a pair of 240V, 40 amp breakers that match your breaker panel manufacturer.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




2009-08-27 16:41:42
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Can you change a double 15amp breaker into a double 20 amp breaker?

Absolutely not. If the existing breaker is a 15 amp breaker then the wiring that breaker is protecting is AWG # 14 gauge wire. A 20 amp breaker is used to protect AWG # 12 wire. Installing a double 20 amp breaker is just asking for a fire.

How do you replace a 20 amp double pole circuit breaker?

Turn the main breaker off. Disconnect the two wires connected to the existing breaker. Remove that breaker and install the new one. Connect the 2 wires to the new breaker.

Does a double pole breaker double the amperage?

No. In North America a double pole breaker is used to obtain a voltage of 240 volts from the distribution panel. What ever the amperage rating stamped on the handle of the breaker is, that is the amperage that the breaker will trip at.

Is a double throw 15amp breaker the same as a 30 amp breaker amp?

You have a double pole breaker for 240Volt supply. The maximum current is 15 amp.

What's a double breaker 20 amps and 30 amps?

A double breaker is a breaker that has 2 switches on it. One of the switches is 20 amps and the other is 30 amps.

How do you tap off existing unused 220 wire and convert it to 110 for a plug in?

Take out the double pole breaker, place the white wire on the grounding bar along with the ground wire, install singe pole breaker(size needed) attach black wire onto new breaker and you now have 110 line.

What is the difference between a single pole breaker and a double pole breaker?

A single pole breaker is made or used to protect the panel buss for 110 volt devices, A double pole breaker protects the buss for 220 volt devices.

Does a double 50 amp breaker make a 100 amp?

No, a double pole 50 amp breaker protects a 240 volt supply at 50 amps. The number that is on the handle of the breaker is the amperage that the breaker will trip at if an overload occurs on the circuit.

Should you buy double pole breaker or single pole?

Use of a double pole breaker or a single pole breaker depends entirely on the application. If you don't know about the application, contact a qualified electrician in your area.

What size breaker do you need for a dryer?

Usually a double pole 30 amp breaker for and electric dryer.

What size breaker should be used for a double oven?

50 amp breaker wired with AWG # 6 wire.

Can a double pole 30 amp breaker be used as a 15 amp single pole breaker?

No, it is a 30 amp breaker on each side. Remove it and install a 15 amp single pole breaker.

Is it a fire hazard to double land wires on a breaker?


Can a 220 VAC breaker be single pole or does it have to always be a double pole breaker?

U.S. 240 VAC breakers are always double pole since they are protecting two legs of the circuit.

Can a double pole circuit breaker be used for 2 different circuits I have a 20 amp double pole breaker want 2 circuits running 14 gauge wire?

can a 20 amp double pole circuit breaker be used for 2 different 120 v circuits using 14 - 2 wire

Can a double pole 20 amp breaker be used with 12-2 wire for a single 220 circuit?

The term "double pole" usually means a breaker with 2 handles that attaches in the space as a normal single pole breaker. If this is what you mean, no, you cannot. There is no potential, or voltage, between the wire terminals. If by "double pole" you mean what is usually called a 2-pole breaker, which is a breaker with 2 handles that attaches in the space of 2 single pole breakers, then yes, you can use this breaker and 12/2 wire to produce a 220v circuit.

Can a double pole 15 amp breaker help?

Help what? A double pole breaker is usually for 220/240 volt applications, but can be used for two 110/120 volt circuits. Also would depend if it is single or double throw.

Can you change 30 amp double pole wiring and breaker to 15 amp?

It is easy to change the 30 amp double pole breaker to a 15 amp double pole breaker. You want to make sure the wires fit. The #10 wires will most likely not fit the device on the other end, unless it is a light fixture and you are using wire nuts. If you are installing a receptacle or switch, or if the load has screw terminals, you will have to splice #14 gauge wire into the #10s so the #14s can to terminated. I have terminated receptacles and switches with #10 wire but it takes a little effort and experience to make sure it is done properly.

Where is the double-pole circuit breaker located?

before the load

When going from 1-240v to 2-120v circuits do you need to replace the double pole breaker?

Yes, otherwise your double pole breaker will shut the other circuit off when one of them trips.

What is a 15 amp double pole breaker?

A double pole breaker has one pole attached to one side of your breaker panel's bus or hot leg, and another pole attached to another hot leg or bus, if it is in a residential panel (in the US) each leg of the breaker is 120 volts to ground or neutral and 240 hot leg to hot leg. The 15 amp indicates that the breaker will trip if the circuit exceeds 15 amps across the two outputs of the breaker.

How many amps are in a Circuit Breaker Double Pole 60A?

There is no current in a 60A circuit breaker. The above circuit breaker is a 2 pole circuit breaker that will trip when more than 60 AMPS is being drawn through either of the 2 poles.

How do you change a double pole 240v breaker to a single pole 120v breaker to allow a regular 120v receptacle to work?

See Discussion Page

You think you blew a fuse in your breaker box how do you fix that one of the two switches are tripped?

I think you are asking how do you fix or replace one breaker on a double pole breaker? Most if not all double breakers have a connector on the switch so that they both trip at the same time. They are also joined together in the body of the breaker. You have to change both of them. If that's not your question, please explain further.

How do you get 240 volts single phase from the panel?

you use a double pole breaker.