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How do you get LimeWire downloads onto iTunes?

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2011-10-20 18:27:25
2011-10-20 18:27:25

it's quite simple, in three easy steps.. all you do is :

1: have itunes and limewire open together so you can see both of them at the same time.

2: select the songs you'd like on limewire ( to select more than one click one of the songs and press Shift and hold it while you use the arrow selecting down key. )

3: then hold your mouse down on the song(s) and click and drag it to you iTunes library.

and there you go :)

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limewire downloads viruses

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Double click on the song in Limewire and it automatically downloads it to your iTunes Library.

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you have to share limewire with your itunes. In itunes/limewire, share the files, and the songs will automatically go onto your itunes. Then do what you would normally.

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Yes, you have to have a working version of itunes on your computer and the ipod software. Set your computer so that itunes on limewire automaticly go to limewire.

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I have an iPod touch, i have Limewire and iTunes. All the songs I download with Limewire go right onto my iTunes therefore not paying for the songs.

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