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How do you get Pikachu to learn volt tackle on Pokemon fire red?

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You can't without trading one over from Emerald that knows it.

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Can pikachu learn volt tackle on fire red?

No unless you trade it to a friend that has volt tackle TM

What level does Pikachu learn volt tackle in fire red?

get a girl pikachu then find a light ball (it is found on pikachu 5% chance) then breed with it egg hatches then your pikchu has volt tackle i hope this helps

Is Pikachu a Fire Emblem character?

No. Pikachu is a pokemon, not a Fire Emblem character.

What does the Pokemon use in their final smash?

charizard and the gang use hydropump solarbeam and fire blast. pikachu uses bolttackle press a to tackle opponents

How do you teach pikachu volttackle in Pokemon fire red?

get two pikas go to 4th isle have one hold light ball and the egg when it hatches will have a pichu that knows volt tackle

Can Pikachu learn a fire type move?

Yes.All you need is an HM fire type move.

Can you get Pokemon like Bulbasaur Squirtle and pikachu on Pokemon Sapphire?

no there only on Pokemon fire red but you can get picachu

Does Pikachu go to high school?

No, Pikachu is a Pokemon. The only school I'm aware of in the Pokemon games is the trainer school, which teaches you that fire is effective to grass, grass to water, and water to fire. There are no high schools in the Pokemon games, and Pikachu is so stupid he'd be in Kindergarten still.

What pokemon evolves from thunder stone in fire red?

eevee and pikachu.

How do you get Pikachu in pokemon leafgreen?

Pikachu can be found in Viridian Forest and the Power Plant in both Leaf Green and Fire Red.

What are easy cheats for pokemon sapphire?

Run in to a wall and you get a fire type pikachu

What Pokemon can learn this move?

Thunder type Pikachu can learn thunder Ice Type Glaceon can learn blizzard Grass Type Leafeon can learn solarbeam Water Type Empoleon can learn hydro pump Fire type Infernape can learn fire blast There's a lot more to it but ask someone else. These are just the basics. Hope this helped. See ya!!

How do you get pickachu?

for Pokemon fire red leaf green you can find pikachu in viridian forest

How do you learn fire punch on Pokemon diamond?

You can only "learn" Fire Punch in Diamond via breeding a Pokemon with another who already knows Fire Punch (Magmar for example)

Who can learn flash in silver?

fire Pokemon

What moves does rapidash learn in Pokemon platinum?

it can learn fireblast flamethrower overheat fire spin ember swift snore tackle tail whip or pretty mutch any tm to do with fire i deffenitly chose one for my team and so far it is a level 95 and has never lost a battle

What Pokemon can learn sacred fire?

Ho-Oh (Get it from Pokemon gold)

What is the third gym leaders Pokemon on fire red?

The 3rd leader has electric type Pokemon they are: Voltorb, Magnemite, Pikachu, Raichu.

Were to find Pikachu?

In pokemon fire red, leaf green, red, blue, soulsilver, heartgold, silver, and gold pikachu can be found in Viridian forest. In pokemon Sapphire, ruby, and emerald you can find it in the safari zone

What moves can Arcanine learn in Pokemon fire red?

Fire type moves

Which Pokemon should you be in mystery dungeon red?

Well, I was a pikachu and my partner was a totodile on my blue rescue team. I think you should be the pikachu and your partner is a fire or water type.

Best fire Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

PIKACHU. There is none. Edit: Best stated is Arcanine, I maybe be wrong please correct me if this is so.

How do you make Alakazam learn Fire Punch on Pokemon FireRed?

The only way Alakazam can learn Fire Punch is through a Move Tutor on Pokemon Emerald Version.

What moves does pikachu learn in Pokemon fire red?

leveling up: thundershock growl tail whip thunder wave quick attack double team slam thunderbolt agility thunder light screen

Where is Pikachu on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Pikachu can be caught in veridian forest or in the power plant they are in the same places as in fire redhowever they are extremley rareI got REAALLYY lucky in viridian forest the irst wild Pokemon i saw was a pikachu. It was the only one i saw. I got lucky and caught.