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Should start even with airbags out but there is a fuel pump inertia switch fitted. If the vehicl has has a big enough shunt to deploy airbags, chances are its triggered the switch too. Firts tell tale is when you put ignition on the fuel pump should buzz, if not then find switch. the switch is usually either RED or Black rubber button located in one of the kick panels of under the bonnet on the bulk head.Press it down and it should click. Then car will start.

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Q: How do you get a 1998 Kia Sportage to start after the airbag has deployed without having to replace the airbags?
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Can you drive a car after the airbags have deployed without replacing them?

Sure you CAN. The question is should you? Only you can answer that.

How do you disarm the airbags on a 2001 Kia Sportage?

There has been a great deal of talk about the air bag problem but experts are saying do not disarm the airbags because you are more likely to have problems without them.

How do you replace a fog light on a 2006 Kia Sportage?

how do you change a fog light in a 2006 Kia Sportage? It is in such a tight spot a normal sized man hand will not fit into the space. Can it be replaced without removing the bumper?????

Is it legal to sell a car without replacing deployed airbags?

nope as long as u notify the buyer that it has a deployrd air bag Legally you may be able to sell the car if you are not a dealer and you notify the buyer that the air bag is not functioning. But make sure you have a written release that the buyer and seller signs, indicating the SRS is not functional. Have this notarized and witnessed. Otherwise you may end up in a lawsuit. Personally, I would not take that chance, and would never sell a vehicle with the SRS deployed. Just not worth the risk of the buyer having an accident and then suing you for injuries he sustained due to the fact the air bag did not deploy. It has happened before and will happen again. Be smart and do not sell this car without repairing the SRS.

Why are airbags important?

airbags are important because if you get in to a crash you can die without an airbag and its also used for cushion when it happens

Why should you use a seat belt if your car has airbags?

Without a seat belt, you could end up hitting the dash between the airbags.

How do you install the airbags on a Toyota Camry 1997?

Working on the SRS is best left to a professional. Serious injury can occur when working on any system related to the air bags. If the air bag deployed then you may very well need to replace one or more of the sensors. Install the air bag without replacing a sensor that needs replacing, and the air bag could deploy prematurely.

Does the fiero have airbags?

Nope, but it does have great crash test ratings without them

Can a dealer sell a car in the state of sc without the airbags in it?

No. There are federal regulations mandating that cars sold/traded in the US past a certain year must have seat belts and airbags. If you were sold a car(1993ish or higher) and it doesn't have an airbag then chances are the vehicle was totaled and repaired. If the car was built before airbags were required by law, then the car can be sold without airbags.

What is to be done when the message check airbags?

I think it means your car is junk. Because without airbags its pretty dangerous, though I'm no engineer. Have it checked out at the car dealership.

Does airbag deployment lock ignitions?

the inertia switch locks the ignition. this can occur without the airbags being deployed. if your car wont start it is a good possibility that the inertia switch has locked the ignition. the switch is usually located on the passenger side of the vehicle behind the kick panel on the right side

Does an orange sink without its skin on?

Yes...this is because the skin of an orange contains many tiny airbags. The airbags act like bubble wrap and keep the orange floating. However, after the orange has been peeled, there are no airbags. Therefore, the orange sinks.

Can a used car be sold without airbags in Tennessee?

yes it can be sold as long as that person doesnt care and buys it any way, but it might be alegal to drive a car with out airbags, but you can sell it.

How much should one weigh before sitting in the front seat of a car without airbags?

about 80lbs +

What is a belly landing?

A belly landing is a landing of an aircraft without the landing gear being deployed.

Is it illegal in Florida to sell a car without airbags or seat-belts and not letting the buyer know?


What is the law requardig a dealer selling a car without passenger airbag in Mississippi?

There are federal regulations mandating that cars sold/traded in the US past a certain year must have seat belts and airbags. If you were sold a car(1993ish or higher) and it doesn't have an airbag then chances are the vehicle was totaled and repaired. If the car was built before airbags were required by law, then the car can be sold without airbags. Otherwise it is illegal to sell such a car.

Why is the SRS light on in your 1995 Honda civic ex?

The SRS light refers to the airbags, have you bought this car used or new? If the car has been wrecked and the airbags have been deployed and it has been fixed back without the air bags or the sensors to the airbags has not been replaced or the computer has not been reset to clear the SRS light out after it has been repaired. That's my experience with these lights staying on. If it has been repaired correctly with the airbag system then all you need to do is go to a dealer or someone with a computer and let them hook it up and reset the SRS light and you should be good to go that's if the new air bag system and sensors have been installed correctly.

Does Utica National insurance continue coverage if deployed airbags are not replaced?

No. I can assure you that removing safety devices will void your insurance as well as make you personally liable for injuries caused to anyone in the vehicle due to your actions or lack of action. Why would you ever consider not having the airbags replaced on your vehicle. This is not something you want to do. If you have an accident and the airbags are not in the vehicle the insurance company will perform and exhaustive investigation and when they prove that is was your doing the claim will be denied and you will be liable for the claim out of pocket. Don't do this.AnswerAny modification; wheels, tires, suspension, safety equipment etc that affects the performance, handling or safety of a vehicle must be reported to the insurance company when it occurs. It is then up to the insurance company to either accept, or reject whether the insurance in it's present form covers the changes, or whether the risk has to be reassessed. If there is a model of the car which does not have airbags, the precident is made. That said it is still most unlikely, without extenuating circumstances, that choosing not to reinstall airbags would be acceptable to any insurer.

Will air bags deploy without seat belt?

Yes, the air bag will still deploy even when the seat-belt is not buckled. There are sensors on a car in the front or bumper of the car to initiate the dashboard airbag, however in newer cars there are now airbags on the windows too protect from hitting the glass, and those are deployed when hit from the side, and anytime a crash may occur on some cars.

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How do you set up the Sportage to be towed by a MotorHome?

If someone without a valid drivers license and without car insurance drives a car that is covered by car insurance, does that insurance pay for that uninsured driver if they have a accident?

Is it legal for dealers to sell used cars with malfunctioning air bag in Colorado?

Technically, yes. It is legal to sell a used car with malfunction airbags. It is best to get an inspection on a car before buying it for reasons such as this. If you buy a car with faulty airbags without a warranty, you will be obliged to fix it yourself and the dealer will not be at fault.

How to fix power problem of 2000 kia sportage missing gas cap for 2 days how do we fix this?

If a 2000 Kia Sportage was run for two days without a gas cap, the problem might be with the fuel vacuum pressure sensor that is located directly above the gas tank. Running the car without the gas cap may have caused a vapor lock.