How do you get a breeding bone in xbox 360 minecraft version?


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There is no way to get a breeding bone in minecraft Xbox 360 virsion......I have looked evrywhere and still nothing


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breeding has not yet been added to the xbox edition of minecraft

There is only one version of Minecraft for the Xbox 360.

No, the Xbox version of Minecraft is for Xbox360

By the 1.9 version so maybe a couple of updates from the start of the games

The PC version of Minecraft can be downloaded from Mojang's official Minecraft page. The XBOX 360 version of Minecraft can be downloaded from XBox Live Arcade.

Currently, the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is running 1.6.6 beta. This update came out before the adventure update of 1.8. It will take a while for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft to catch up to the PC version of the game.

No, the xbox version is 1.5 patch.

You can't. This is because the version of the Minecraft Xbox 360 is different from the PC Version.

You can't mod the XBox 360 version of Minecraft.

No. You can't mod the XBox 360 version.

No, but the Xbox 360 version is just an older version of Minecraft. You can reuse the old seeds that were on the PC, and they'll work on the Xbox.

The Xbox edition's current version is about equivalent to version Beta 1.7.3 on the PC.

For minecraft Xbox version you feed cows weet.

The XBox 360 version can't be modded.

yes, he has xbox 360 version

Not yet. The version on the Xbox is lower than the one on the computer. The Xbox version is at Beta 1.7.3, and Nether Fortresses aren't in that version.

No it is not. The xbox version doesn't have the beta versions.

Unfortunately you cannot get the Pixelmon Mod on Minecraft for the XBox 360, this is because you cannot mod the XBox version currently.

there is yet to be mods on minecraft xbox 360 version of minecraft and all external hacks are illegal and could get you xbox live account suspened if used.

Only the trial version.

There is no classic version of minecraft that you can play for free like you can with on the pc and there is no boxed(disc) version . Currently the only method is to buy it on the xbox marketplace.It costs 1600 microsoft points.

so far you cant. you can download the lite version for minecraft on the appstore and you can down load a demo for the Xbox live arcade version of minecraft.

Minecraft for the Xbox is based off of 1.6.6 of the PC version. Villages and villagers came to minecraft in 1.8 and 1.0.0 respectively.

No, you can't mod the XBox 360 version.

Yes. It's the only way you can get it. I believe you need to have Xbox Live to buy it, because you can not get Minecraft as a retail version, so yes I believe you do need Xbox Live to get Minecraft.

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