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IF the TITLE is in YOUR name as owner or co-owner, go get it. If you LOANED it to them, you might send a registered letter demanding they return the car and give "X" days to do so. Then you can report it stolen. They cant steal it as long as they have your permission to use it. Check with a local attorney or your DA for state specific advice.

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How can you get back a computer that belongs to you that a friend has and refuses to give back you have proof showing the seriel number and that it is in your name. she was going to pay for and hasn't?

Since you have proof that the friend has the computer, the computer is yours, and the friend refuses to return it, then I would suggest taking her to small claims court. Small claims is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Please see the link below for more info on small claims.

Can you report a car stolen in Pennsylvania if your daughter has died and the title is in your name but her husband refuses to give it back?

Yes you can.

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how to get insurance papers of contractor who refuses to give them?

If your contractor refuses to give you copies or originals of the insurance papers, contact the insurance company themselves. If the insurance company name is not known, call the state you live in to inquire.

If car title and car is registered to you but friend wont give the car back is it rightfully mine?

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If you purchase a vehicle through private sale what do you do if the seller refuses to give you the title?

If you have already handed over the purchase amount to the seller and you do not have a purchase agreement or a bill of sale then you cannot title or register the car in your name. You may be able to get your money back or hire a lawyer to get it back. If you haven't paid for the vehicle then don't purchase it.