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How do you get a car door open when it is jammed shut?


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2015-07-15 19:18:53
2015-07-15 19:18:53

Has the door been hit? If so, a body shop would be the first place to try. If not, roll the window down and spray penetrating oil, like WD40, into the latch area of the door (this is about at the vertical middle of the door, straight down from the outside handle). Let it work in for a day or so, then try to work the handle from both inside and out, and the lock buttons as well. This will free it up in most cases. If not, the latch may be broken.

Sometimes, trying to open a locked cardoor with the wrong tool (such as a Slim Jim) can break the linkage off the handle or the lock cylinder.

If not successful, take the car to a locksmith.


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Push very hard on the door so that the latch seats completely. Then, open the door.

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because a seat belt might be jammed

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That would depend on why it is stuck. If the problem is with the latch mechanism assembly, you have to remove the door panel from inside the car ( loads of fun with the door shut) and pop the latch open from inside. If the door is simply stuck shut because it's jammed on something, from the inside of the car, hold the door handle in the release position and kick it open without damaging anything.

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remove door card,remove door rubber and interior arch trim panel,unclip lower seat base,this should give you access to the latch mechanism on the door shut,now have someone outside of car hold door handle in open position whilst they apply pressure to door (as if pushing shut) now simply lever locking latch up with a screwdriver or similar until it is clear of the door shut lock post and in open position

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If the door is shut then it's probably the switch in that door or wiring to it.

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