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Has the door been hit? If so, a body shop would be the first place to try. If not, roll the window down and spray penetrating oil, like WD40, into the latch area of the door (this is about at the vertical middle of the door, straight down from the outside handle). Let it work in for a day or so, then try to work the handle from both inside and out, and the lock buttons as well. This will free it up in most cases. If not, the latch may be broken.

Sometimes, trying to open a locked cardoor with the wrong tool (such as a Slim Jim) can break the linkage off the handle or the lock cylinder.

If not successful, take the car to a locksmith.

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Q: How do you get a car door open when it is jammed shut?
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How can I open a car door that I shut on the seatbelt which is now jammed?

Push very hard on the door so that the latch seats completely. Then, open the door.

Why won't the car door lock when you shut it?

because a seat belt might be jammed

How do you get a door open that is stuck on a 1967 fastback?

That would depend on why it is stuck. If the problem is with the latch mechanism assembly, you have to remove the door panel from inside the car ( loads of fun with the door shut) and pop the latch open from inside. If the door is simply stuck shut because it's jammed on something, from the inside of the car, hold the door handle in the release position and kick it open without damaging anything.

Front door jammed on vw golf4 how to open?

remove door card,remove door rubber and interior arch trim panel,unclip lower seat base,this should give you access to the latch mechanism on the door shut,now have someone outside of car hold door handle in open position whilst they apply pressure to door (as if pushing shut) now simply lever locking latch up with a screwdriver or similar until it is clear of the door shut lock post and in open position

Why does your car say left door open?

If the door is shut then it's probably the switch in that door or wiring to it.

Your car door on your proton persona is jammed shut driver door cant get panal off because of hidden screws any ideas?

Try to get to the handle in side of the window or you can try to brake in to the panal and look at whats getting jammed.

How do you unlock a jammed car door?

break the window then get in

My car door shuts tight but won't latch I have checked the throw and it 's down when i shut the door but doen't latch the door shut you can pull it open without using the handle?

Get a new car you loser.

Will i get pulled over for having a car door that is obviously damaged and will not open?

will not open? are the doors jammed? I believe the police will pull over a car that is a danger to someone else on the road or a danger to you. If the doors are stuck shut, you're probably in danger in some sense. If the car runs and you feel that you're not in danger, i don't believe you are breaking the law.

How do you fix a car door that won't open at all?

Depending on the car and the damage, there are many different solutions. If the handle is just broken, you can try to remove the interior door panel and manually attempt to open the door. If the door is smashed shut, you may have to remove the front fender to get at the hinges to remove the door.

Open car door into traffic?

Don't open your car door into traffic. Use the other door.

1990 Camry drivers side door lock will not lock with door open?

I think this is a safety measure to keep you from locking your keys in the car. Try locking it with the key after the door is shut.

Why do the interior lights of your 1992 grand marquis stay on after you turn off the car?

The light should stay on for quite a while. If they stay on without opening a door and they will not go out, then a door switched may be jammed or broke. The door switch is a little button that tells whether the door is open or not. The car may think that a door is still open. also you may have a problem in the headlight switch itself-make sure the dial for keeping the dome light on the headlight switch is`nt on You may have what I think Ford called "Opera Lighting" where after you shut the door, the light stays on for a few minutes, and then dims out.

How do you open your car door when it's frozen shut?

Pour warm water were it shuts. Also, if can reach the car with an extension cord you can use a hair dryer.

Why is your car beeping as though the door is open while you are driving even though all doors are shut?

Try fastening your seatbelt!

What is a Door Ajar light mean on your dashboard?

a door in your car is not fully shut.

How can you get out from a car?

open the car door with the handle

Why would a Lincoln Mark VIII not shut off the electrical accessories when the car is off and the doors open?

you have a faulty door jam switch.

Dash lights and interior light on dimly until you open the car door and they go out shut the door and they come on again. what is the cause the car is a 2006 lacetti?

rear washer spills water. check it first.

How do you get a car door open that wont open from the outside?

Go in from another door and open it from the inside.

Why wont the car door shut?

sounds like a bad door latch mechanism.

How do you open a jammed car door?

Remove the interior door panel. You will see a metal rod connecting your interior and exterior door handles. Most of the time the rod comes loose from one or the other. Reconnect the rod. There's not much space so you might need a pair of needlenose pliers. If that doesn't work, there is a trip lever toward the rear of the door. The lever can be stubborn but it will open the door. Any vehicle service center should be able to open it for you.Access Through Opened Window (easier if it will work)If the door is jammed shut, it will not be possible to remove the door trim on most cars without destroying it. However, if you are able to roll the window down you should be able to insert a thin piece of metal (e.g. wire coat hanger, "slimjim") and manipulate the door handle rod inside to pop it open. This is possible only if the reason behind the jam is mechanical and not structural.

Car door wont close?

Try checking the latching assembly on the door. If it snaps shut before the door colses, it keeps the door from closing. With the door open, look at the assembly while pulling the door handle to open. Use a screw driver and snap the latch that holds the door shut down. It should pop back and reset. Worn out door hinge pins and bushings lead to poor alignment and damage to latch and striker pin.

Why won't the car door stay shut?

Because there is a problem with it.

How do you close a car door that is jammed open.?

This happened to my Ion as well about 10 minutes after performing an emergency braking test for my kids. I turn off the child safety locks. I think I also had to hold the door latch in the up position as I closed the door. ( I cant remember if I had to be inside the car or outside of the car). I know I also fiddled with the door locks to make sure I had manually had them unlocked (versus with the remote).