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Door panels and handles are part of the car’s door. Door panels hide the window mechanism, while the handles are grips to aid the passenger in closing or opening the car.

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How do you fix a car door lock that doesn't open from the outside?

Door locksRemove the inside door panel ( it's not as difficult as you may think) examine the lock and find the rods that connect the key part of the lock to the lock mechanism ( called the linkage) the linkage is usually connected by nylon or plastic clips. if nylon, just pop the clip back into place and you're done. If plastic or if the nylon clip is worn you will have to get a replacement from your dealer. they are relatively cheap and it's worth it to get an exact fit part. lastly if your dealer can't locate on, check a local salvage yard for a wreck that did not have the same door damaged.

Something to think about

More and more vehicles are coming with remote entry key fobs. When all you use is the keyless entry system door locks in some climates will seize up from lack of use. Have them lubed on a regular basis and use the key every once in a while to keep things moving. If you lube them youself make sure the window is in the up position as some aerosols will shoot a fair distance and if the window is down it can get on the window, smear it and get on the felt window guide and takes forever to wear off.

If your automatic lock isn't working, here are 4 easy steps to repair car door lock.

1. Check the Least Obvious First

It should be the most obvious, but most of the time we simply don't think of the auto key lock on our keychains. Called a key fob, it is operated by a battery that does wear out after several years of use. Replace the battery and then check it out by unlocking your doors.

2. Check Other Door Locks

Before rushing to rip off the door panel and replacing wires and parts, check the other locks. Do they work? If not, then you have a blown fuse. If they do work, the problem is most likely in the door lock solenoid.

3. Work the Lock Manually

While the key is on, work the door manually up and down while using the auto lock at the same time. If the lock tries to move, then it is a frozen lock mechanism.

4. Move Door Back And Forth

Hold the lock button down while you move slowly open and close the door. If the lock works then you have a broken or frayed wire that needs to be changed or repaired.

Try these tips for a quick way to repair car door lock. If these tips do not work and you can't find the problem, see a mechanic.

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How do you open a jammed car door?

Remove the interior door panel. You will see a metal rod connecting your interior and exterior door handles. Most of the time the rod comes loose from one or the other. Reconnect the rod. There's not much space so you might need a pair of needlenose pliers. If that doesn't work, there is a trip lever toward the rear of the door. The lever can be stubborn but it will open the door. Any vehicle service center should be able to open it for you.

Access Through Opened Window (easier if it will work)

If the door is jammed shut, it will not be possible to remove the door trim on most cars without destroying it. However, if you are able to roll the window down you should be able to insert a thin piece of metal (e.g. wire coat hanger, "slimjim") and manipulate the door handle rod inside to pop it open. This is possible only if the reason behind the jam is mechanical and not structural.

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How do you open your car door when it's frozen shut?

Pour warm water were it shuts. Also, if can reach the car with an extension cord you can use a hair dryer.

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Labor cost to install interior six panel doors?

Just had seven doors and their frames replaced. The doors cost about $100 apiece for a solid door. Labor was upwards of $200 apiece.

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How would you go about opening a jammed car door?

If all obvious attempts fail, try the following:

Hit door panel with your hand, just below the outside door handle.

As hard as you can.

Use a foam pad to avoid damage to the door, (and your hand).

It has been known to work!

It worked on my car!!



remove the interior door panel. you will see a metal rod connecting your interior and exterior door handles. most of the time the rod comes loose from one or the other. reconnect the rod. theres not much space so you might need a pair of needlenose pliers. if that still doesnt work inside the door to the rear is a trip lever that after pulling will open the door. the lever can be stubborn but it will open the door. any service center should be able to open it for you.

If the door is jammed shut, it will not be possible to remove the door trim on most cars without destroying it. However, if you are able to roll the window down you should be able to insert a thin piece of metal (ie. wire coat hanger, slimjim etc.) and manipulate the door handle rod inside to pop it open. This is possible only if the reason behind the jam is mechanical and not structural.

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How do you repair a broken door frame?

Take it out and buy a new one. This is easier since you don't have to take the time to fix it.

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How can the automatic locks on 2005 Chrysler Town and Country be fixed?

body control module needs to be reprogramed with new udated software. i think you have to go to a dealership

It is possible that the body controller (which handles the locks) has "lost its mind." You can reset it by removing its power for a couple minutes. This can be accomplished by either 1) disconnecting the battery (may reset some other settings of your vehicle) OR 2) pulling the IOD fuse in the fuse box under the hood (called the Integrated Power Module or IPM in the manual). I used this second method successfully after the power door locks just stopped working. The switch on the door wouldn't even operate the locks.

"To NON MECHANICAL PEOPLE LIKE ME: flip the fuse box lid for a map of the fuses. it's the one on the bottom right"

I just reset my door locks by pulling out and putting back in the IOD fuse. The IOD fuse is mapped on the menu of the box lid. Hope this helps!

AnswerSimply remove the IOD fuse for about ten seconds and replace it.

The IOD fuse is located in the fuse box which is in the engine compartment on the driver's side. The inside of the fuse box cover shows the location/names/amps of the fuses. The 20amp IOD fuse is on the lower left corner of the fuse panel when looking at the panel from the driver side.

Chrysler has released a software fix for the door locks on there vans. The dealer can flash the BCM to prevent this problem from reoccurring.

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What does OS mean in door rear OS?


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How do you remove the door panel of a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4-cylinder automatic? This should cover it. The tool is about $10. I picked one up at acme auto. It may not be exactly like this but pretty close. I'm still trying to pry off the door panel so im going to get back to it. Later- James

+There are some screws that need to be removed-there are 4 screws on the bottom of the door panel, holding the bottom to the door. -there are 2 screws on the top right, on a triangle looking peice of plastic, which covers the mirror.-there is 1 screw behind the lock, pull the lock on the door to the lock position, and you will see a hex screw.-there is 1 screw under the inside handle.... its on an angle and pretty hard to spot, so look under the handle with a flash light and you should see it....+Then get a flat head screw driver,...-pry off the button panel it is on that controls the window (make it move up or down).-pry off the plastic peice right behind the door knob/lever/ what ever you want to call it, its the way you open the door. and once you do that you will see another screw that hold the door panel a peice of metal-then stick the flat head screw driver to the middle of the right and left side and play with it to pop off the door... BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!! don't brake any of the rods-then finally, pull the door UP, it will be a little hard, and you may even need to use the flat head screw drive to pry it up as well....

good luck! -Djpac

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How do you remove the interior door panel on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

Okay, I currently have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT1. I went to go replace my stock speakers and found it quite difficult. Here is how I removed the door panel and got access to the speaker holster:


1) Take off the tweeter (triangular thing). It is simply clipped on and will come off relatively easily. Pinch inward and pull out.

2) Then proceed to roll down the window ALL THE WAY. This will prevent you from scratching or shattering the window if a tool slips. Next, pop off the window and lock control panel (with a flat-head screw driver) off the door panel (it is simply clipped in with 2 metal tabs on each side to hold it in) to reveal the inside of the door and ONE LARGE SCREW.

3) Start to take off the door panel screws. From what I remember, these are the screws and their locations: (in order) a) Small screw holding in door handle cover. (this removes the protective door handle thing)(the protective thing needs to be removed: simply pull on the handle while slipping the cover out.) b) Large screw under the handle of the door. (this will loosen the whole panel) c) Large screw UNDER the reflector plate on the door. You will have to take off the reflector in order to gain access to this screw. CAUTION: the reflector is VERY fragile and can crack easily. (this will loosen the whole panel) d) Large screw right behind the window controls. (this will disconnect the whole panel from the door itself.


4) Electronic Obstacles...yea...kinda hard to explain: Well, first off, the panel will not be able to come off without disconnecting the door control panel. Since you already popped off the window controls, all you need to do is disconnect the adapter that the wires plug into. On the passenger side, this is easy, simply pinch in on the two connectors and pull out. These "ribbons" may need a bit of convincing, but they DO come off. The driver's side electronics are EXTREMELY complex and are EXTREMELY hard to take off, to tell you the truth, I only rotated the disconnected door 90 degrees which left just enough room to solder and install the speakers. I did this so that I didn't need to disconnect ANY parts of the door controls on the driver's side. I only needed to pop off the window control panel, no disconnection of any wires. (the driver's side wires seem to have more slack than the passenger ones. I found this easy with two people.

5) Now for the hardest part, taking off the door panel itself. The whole panel is held on by white PLASTIC bolts that are ribbed. These bolts can be pretty annoying, but secure the door quite well. First, I started by the tweeter. There should be a small space where you can fit a hand in and start pulling. DO NOT PULL OR TRY TO PULL ALONG THE TOP OF THE DOOR, START YOUR HAND ON THE TOP BY THE TWEETER AND WORK YOUR WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TWEETER SIDE (while hand still between the panel and the door itself). THEN START PULLING ONCE YOU ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE DOOR PANEL. As you work your hand down the door, you might here a sound of breaking plastic, this is what you are looking for. The ribbed bolts are being pulled out of their holes. Eventually, once a majorority of a side is out, it will make it MUCH MUCH easier to pull the remaining bolts out. Once you get the hang of hearing the bolts come out, and you are able to get a bigger grip on the panel, the whole door will eventually POP off. Now that it is popped, lift the panel up and it then should come off cleanly.

  • NOTE* - You WILL NEED a Torx wrench to replace the speaker ($4 at home depot)

For re-installation, simply backtrack. Make sure all your electrical connections are solid and the door is connected securely to the door. Attach the door, put screws back in, put handle plate back on, and you're set.

Hoped this help, I know I needed this when I took off my door panels.


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Why are door handles made from metal?

Because metal is more durable than plastic. In a lot of cars they are plastic now, to save money and weight

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How do you remove the rear driver's inside door panel on a 1994 Oldsmobile Royal 88?

You need a special tool to get the window crank off then take out all of the screws you can find {In each corner etc}. Then you need a "J" shaped tool with a "V" in the end to pull out the nylon retainers that are all around the outside of the trim pannel. They hang in there pretty good so you need a good puller to get them out. Both tools are available at good parts stores and you may want to rent them but they aren't very expensive.

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How do you remove the inside door panel of a 1994 Toyota Camry to fix a window that will not go up?

It really isn't as easy as it sounds. First remove all of the screws you can find. Then there are retainers all of the way around the panel. Be careful as there are very sharp edges inside the door. The motor or wiring is probably at fault and you have to know what you are doing to get it out. Goodluck, Joe

this answer is incomplete... the inside door handle trim is difficult to remove and there are no visible screws on or around the trim. that's what i was hoping to learn about. any suggestions?

Try looking for little circles that are pretty much flush in the surface of the panel...those are screw-covers.

From another question and answer on this site, read an excellent answer at: But my 1994 model was just slightly different: there is no light, but there is a screw under a small plastic cover below the handle. Also, it helps to pop off the black triangular plastic cover at the lower front corner of the window.

I ended up breaking mine off and it looks lke you need to pull the side furthest from the engine out first so that it slides out at an angle. There is a hook on the side near the engine that goes in at an angle so it has to come out at an angle.

Added link below to the same question about the 91 Camry. Chances are the trick with the inside door handle trim is the same.

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What is a Lever latch door handle?

It is a Lever handle (long instead of a knob) that has not a lock.

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How can you fix a car door on a 1993 Dodge Caravan that will not shut?

On many vans/cars I have seen the latch on the door itself sometimes get tumbled into the shut position on accident. In most cases all you need is a screw driver to put into the latch hole on the door itself while pulling on the door handle simply flip the latch back open. If this is not the case please clarify your question.

The door jam has a male stiker the door latch is female or should be open to allow the striker to go inside it once the door is shut the latch wraps around the striker.

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How do you take the door panel off of a 1999 Hyundai Accent?

Regarding removal of the Accent door panel: After removal of the four obvious Phillips screws securing the door panel to the door (located two at the bottom and two at the front just below the adjustment for the side mirror), remove the window crank handle ( in this case the "C" clip is located BETWEEN the handle and the spacer and usually oriented so the clip opening is in line with the knob), remove the screw securing the interior door handlde, remove the screw securing the door release (and power locks if equiped) the GENTLY pull the door panel, starting at the front then moving in a clockwise direction, to the rear which will have four plastic clips securing the panel at the rear. These need to be pulled out of their respective holes ( a special tool is available but not necessarily required). Once this is done lift the panel vertically to free the inner window seal. .

A good way to remove the C-clip is to slide a towel in between the spacer and the window crank and work it upwards until the clip comes off.

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How do you remove an inside door panel to replace speakers in a 1995 Saturn?

Using a small screwdriver carefully pry speaker grill off to gain access. No need to remove whole door panel

The speaker grill is an integral part of the door panel itself - it cannot be simply removed with a screwdriver, as suggested. It's all one molded piece.

Well, on a 97 Saturn (probably similar steps), you have to remove some screws (easy to spot). You then pull up on the panel along the edges to pop the plastic connectors out. Next, slide the door handle assembly to the right and push it through the hole on the panel. If you have power door locks, you need to unhook the plastic clips connected to the metal rods and pull the upper and lower rods free. Be warned, however, they are a pain in the butt to get back on the rods. Speakers are attached with sheet metal screws.

Just finished this on a 96' LS. The panel is one not try to pry the cover off the speaker. Remove 3 or 4 obvious screws. The plastic pocket for the door handle has a locking device...PUSH the pocket in and then forward. After it slides forward the center of the panel will be released. Unclip the plastic keepers on the door lock and handle, the pull out the metal rods (one up, the other down). Remove the mirror control cover (mine is black) by prying it off with need to get brutal. Set the assembley to the side. Now push the whole door panel up and off. You'll need a small Torq driver to take the speaker screws out and be gentle with the plastic expanding inserts because you will have to use them to mount the new speakers using the old screws. Figure the polarity for the original wires...I don't know.

I have a 95 SC1 and after taking off the entier door pannel, I relized it just poped up, you need someting really thin like a sharp pocket knife.

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How do you relace or repair the little courtesy lights in the steering wheel on an Aurora?

this is not hard take a small screwdriver pop out the switch replace with a new one greg.

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How do you replace a car door hinge pin?

First you need to get the right tools for the job and the right parts to fix the problem. There is a hinge pin in both the upper and lower hinges and four brass bushings and there is two different size bushings in each hinge and also two hinge pin retaining washers. As for the tools, you need a spring compressor, jack, hammer, punch. First, open the door all the way and put jack under door. I like to use a 2-by-4 board on top of the jack to help spread the weight of the door out a little. Next, if the door has a wiring harness in the jamb loosen the rubber insulation form both the door and the body. This gives a couple of inches of slack in the wiring. Next use the spring compressor to remove the spring, then use the punch and hammer to drive out the pins. It is very hard to get them to move at first but gets easier as they start to move. I would recommend having a helper to hold the door upright as it will fall when the pin is removed from the hinge. Once the pins are out move the door and jack away from the body, to gain more access room the replace the bushings: two in the door side and two in the body side. Then slide door and jack back and align hinge holes and install new pins. I always grease the bushing and pins before installing. Drive the new pins all the way flush with the hinge and install the retainers. Reinstall the spring and reattach the wiring insulation.

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How do you remove the interior door panel of a 1999 Chevy Cavalier?

Before anything, if you have power door locks and windows, desconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal. If your vehicle is equiped with theftlock system make sure that you know the activation code before disconnecting the battery. If you have pwr door, with a flat head screwdriver pry the power swicth out of the door trim and desconnect it. If you have manual windows, you must remove the window handle first. This can be done easily with a piece of cloth, just slide it between the handle and the door then, role to one side. The cloth should hook on the retaining clip and just take it off. Now remove the trim panel screws, one inside the arm rest and several along the trim's edge (rear, front and bottom) Finally remove the trim by lifting it up and away form the door. You may need to get new deflectors if you broke any while taking the trim off. Good Luck.

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How do you remove a door panel and handle to repair the window in a '00 Hyundai Elantra?

I am in the same situation and yet do not know, but I did a first easy call to Hyundai service department, and they were very nice and told me some. I plan on calling them again or even going by their place. You should do the same.

My 2000 elantra (rear power window) has ~6 screws:

1 -- in door latch pocket 1 -- in arm rest pocket under rubber gromet 2 -- in upper forward edge of door panel 2 -- in upper back edge of door panel

it also has ~5 captured plastic snaps along the bottom. these are the typical press-in but have a flat head that is captured in little plastic fork brackets that are glued onto the backside of the door panel.

remove all the screws carefully remove the plastic snaps from the door body(I used a door panel tool, a flat fork like tool) (I damaged one snap and one catpuring bracket also came off) (Dealership suggested door panel snap brackets can disengage from the snaps via sliding, but upon panel removal, I don't see how it is possible, I think snaps are intended as sacrificial items.)

wobble door panel loose until you can access door latch rods on interior door handle. I think there was excess black sealant keeping the door panel well attached to the door frame; It tore the vapor barrier some, no big deal I think... (Maybe the vapor barrier is captured around the latch assembly, not sure)

Once door panel is mostly loose, There are pink plastic clevis's that rotate off the latch rods to free the rods from the interior door handle.

disconnect the electrical up/down window switch (from the arm-rest portion) from the regulator motor...

I face replacing the power window regulator... I understand that the bracket on the lower window edge unbolts to the regulator carraige, then the window removes upwards. (I don't expect to remove the window but to wedge it in place while removing the regulator.... we'll see)

unbolting the regulator/motor assembly from the door frame, it is supposed? to be removed out the bottom?

The lift cable on mine has clearly failed and wrapped around the motor/capstan and is severely kinked... (loose lift cable end is flopping around)

My regulator has two lift cables that enter on the top of the regulator, some regulators have one cable on the top and one cable on the bottom


In regards to the door handle/locking mechanism area. My car is a 1999 I think, but there is a good chance they are the same. I had to slide the door handle assembly inward (towards the car as the door is open) while putting a flathead screwdriver under the inner side to sort of pop it up slightly. Then when I hit it inwards (to slide it) it popped right out (after removing the screw of course) and then I could access the door latch and locking mechanism rods.

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How do you replace the door handle on an 1999 Olds Alero?

youll need to take the door panel off, then unscrew the handle assembly and replace with a new handle ( junkyard?). screw that in then replace door panel.

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How do you remove the door trim from a 1991 Nissan pintara?

Door Trim RemovalTo remove door trim on '91 model NISSAN PINTARA you have to unscrew the handle (two Philips head screws). next take off plastic surounding door release (it just clips on). then this part is tricky - you might need two flat blade screwdrivers to remove the W clip that holds the window winder handle (unless you have power windows)! after you remove the winder handle just carefully pull on the edges of the door trim to pull the clips off the door all the way around! presto the door trim comes off! just reverse process to put it back on!
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How do you remove the inside driver's door panel from a 97 Ford Contour?

remove the screws that are around the side and bottom of panel.

remove covers located by mirror and by the door hinge. remove the screws you found

use a small bent screw driver and put it in the hole on the underside of the the close handle to push the cover off the handle. remove these two screws

remove the screw behind the door open handle.

pop off the cover that is over the mirror mechinism.

now pull up on the panel and voila!

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How do you change the drivers side door handle on a 1998 Dodge Avenger?

== == Go to the site and search for an article by Rodger Koppa on how to do this nasty little job. Did it on both my doors, be prepared to cuss a bit. After you install the new handles you can forestall future breakage by just popping the lkatch with the handle, and then using the edge of the door to swing the door open. Those dinky plastic handles just can't take the side torque with those heavy doors! I used the directions provide by Rodger Koppa to repl;ace my passenger side door handle and it works great. Like he says though be prepared to cuss a little bit and just hope you don't drop anything into the door. Good Luck!!


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