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There are three methods you can try. 1. Pull your lower eyelid down gently with your fingertip and roll your eye around, sometimes this dislodges it. 2. Close your eyes and place your finger on your upper eyelid and gently massage the eyeball. Open your eyes and hopefully the lens should reappear. 3. Squirt saline solution in your eye as the lens may have dehydrated in your sleep. Then try one of the two methods i have described above. I have worn contacts for about 16 years now and the best advice I can give you is:- TAKE THEM OUT BEFORE YOU FALL ASLEEP. DON'T RUB YOUR EYES TOO VIGOUROUSLY WITH THEM IN IF THEY HURT WHEN YOU PUT THEM BACK IN, WEAR YOUR GLASSES AND GET NEW LENSES. YOU ONLY GET ONE PAIR OF EYES. LOOK AFTER THEM.

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Q: How do you get a contact out from behind your eyelid if you feel like it slipped when you were sleeping?
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