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While in the Army I completed my high school and was given a Washington state High School diploma. How can I get a copy of it?


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i need a free copy of my high school diploma

I graduated in 1977 from Andress High School in El Paso, Texas. How can I get a copy of my high school diploma? I also went to college in El Paso, too. I might need a copy of my transcript.

contact the high school where the diploma was obtained

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In order to get a copy of your high school diploma from 1983, you will need to visit with the high school in which you graduated from. They are the only people who would have such documents.

I am ignacio cuevas from philippines ,my original high school diploma was lost ,were can i get anoter copy and how to get?

I graduated from Julia Richman High School in 1976, how can I obtain a copy of my diploma?

Contact the school directly. They should have archived records of your diploma.

Contact the school or the Board of education.

Contact the school you received your diploma from to see if they can provide you with a replacement.

please whether you need to study it know or need a duplicate copy of your diploma

Contact the school and request a copy. You may have to pay for it.

You will need to contact the school from which you graduated. They can help you get a copy of your diploma and find out what credits you have.

Yes, you can successfully apply to an RN program with just your high school diploma. However, to avoid any problems, you can see if the State maintained a copy of your transcript of classes completed. In the state of your former HS, write to the Department of Education in the same city as your State Capital. Give your current name, address, city, state and same for current. State when you graduated HS, your name at the time, and the name and location of the school. Ask for a certified copy of your transcript, if they have it. For the nursing school, submit a copy of the letter you sent and received from the Department of Education.

Write to the school - and provide proof of your identity.

If the high school was indeed a fraudulent, then there is no way to get a diploma that will be honored by any other educational institution. Your best bet would be do apply for and get a G.E.D. which has the same credibility as the diploma.

I suggest calling your high school that you graduated they should have a copy and be able to provide you with one

I graduated sereno middle school in Los Angeles California but I leave in Texas how can getit

Write the high school you graduated from, provide your name at the time of graduation and the year you graduated.

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