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It isn't the right thing to do to go after her when she is already seeing someone else. If you want, hang around and see if she breaks up with this guy, and if not move on. Unless you have an engagement ring on her finger or are married then it's fair game for anyone to date her and the same applies to you. I do believe it's not the greatest thing for a friend to date someone you have gone out with or even an ex wife. If your friend cared about you then he should know the pain you are feeling, so why date the girl (or guy) so the poor ex boyfriend has to look at her every so often and go through all that pain. I'd say "some rotten friend you have there." It's to your best interest to start dating again and trust me when I say, you will meet a wonderful girl and be glad you didn't hang around waiting. If the break-up was your fault, then self-evaluate yourself and try to improve on how you treat women. If you don't, you'll always be the loser. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you get a girl back that you went out with for a long time and you still love her and now she likes one of your friends and is it wrong of your friend to go out with your ex?
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Is there something wrong with you that no one likes you more than a friend?

No there is not it is good to have friends but maybe someone likes you more than a friend and you just don't know it.

What if your friend still likes her ex?

well there is nothig wrong with that... she just still has fellings from them wether she admits it or not

What do you do if a guy friend of your guy friend says your friend likes you and your friend does not deny it?

Sometimes guys are confusing so I might be wrong, but it probably means your guy friend likes you. it could not, but it probably does. ask him. if you're really friends it wont matter to either of you whether he says yes or no, because you'll still be friends. and if YOU like him, then cool, you got a boyfriend. you and your guy friend could decide that you dont want to risk your friendship, though, so maybe not. its kinda confusing, but it'll work out, whether you guys are friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. :D

Is it wrong to make your friends ask a boy if he likes you?

Im not 100% sure if its wrong but it isn't the smartest thing to do. You have better odds of getting the answer u want by asking the guy in private if he likes you and if he says no just say okay and you can probably still be friends with him.

What can I do when my friend is hitting me and swearing at me all the time but I still want to be her friend?

You should let them know how you feel. If they are a true friend they'll understand and still want to be your friend Answer Friends do not do that. You need to tell her to stop or you will end your friendship. This is not how friends treat each other. It is wrong of her to do you that way.

If your best friends girl friend likes you?

if she really likes you more she will break up with your friend and ask you out its always hard if your stuck in the middle you haven't done everything wrong just be careful that she doesn't try anything while going out with your best friend . She may just be confused but really you have to talk to your friend and her

What doest it means when you breakup with a girl but you're still friends and you bouth act like you still going out but your just friends and she say she just likes you as a friend?

Well, if you aren't dating then you're not dating. If she's hooking up with other guys, then you aren't going out. She's probably saying that she likes you as a friend because she's worried you're going to take any other comments the wrong way. Obviously you still like her because otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question. I think what you should do is tell her how you feel and she how she takes it. It's worth a shot.

Is it wrong to fall in love with your best friends girlfriend?

no it is wrong if you do somthing about would be better to love from afar... if they breakup you do not take the opportunity if your friend still has feelings for her ok...

Is it wrong to date your friend friends?

No, it isn't always wrong to go with your frind friends as long as you tell them that your thinking about it!

Ok so which one the bad boy who is a good friend your best guy friend who you think is great or the guy who was checking you out and smiling at you but you know nothing bout him?

The guy friend because you know him but, also, if something goes wrong and you guys brake up then you mite not be friends anymore. I wouldn't go with someone you know nothing about. Trust the friends and go for the friend and if something goes wrong and you guys brake it off then make sure your still friends afterward.

Does a man really want to be best friends with a woman?

Yes. There is nothing wrong with this. Growing up my best friend was a women. And she still it too this day.

How can you tell if your friend is using you?

If your friend is the boss in the relationship. i have a friend just like that. She has to have everything go HER way and have it the way SHE likes it and i don't have any say in anything but yet she is still my friend.... If you friend talks about you badly then acts like they didn't and lies and thinks that if you do anything wrong its all your fault....

Who is cream in love with?

She dosnt have a crush on anyone. if u think she likes tails ur wrong she likes him as a friend. tails also likes her as a friend/

What if you like your friends older brother?

this situationg is easy if your friend and her brother are close, she will probably think its weird, but at the same time, she will be happy for him since she obviously thinks you are a wonderful person seeing as you two are friends, if she likes her older brother, and thinks he's a good guy, then she will also probably be happy for you too. unless this friend of your is a guy? that would make it a little weird, I don't know why, it just would I guess. but still, your friend should understand and I don't see anything wrong with it.

Is it wrong to go out with someone that your best friend likes?

Talk it out with the friend, and if she says you can go out with him/her you can date them.

Is it good to like your friend's cosin?

Im pretty sure theres nothing wrong with that unless your friend likes you.

What should I do if a friend goes missing?

First of all, if you can, you could enquire of your friends relatives if anything is wrong. If you are still concerned, you should report your concerns to the police.

Is it wrong to like your best friends crush that she has been dreaming about since the beginning of school?

It isn't wrong to like someone, no matter who else likes them. But if your friend really likes him and is thinking about dating him, then let her go for it. otherwise, if you date him first, then your friend may get mad at you and not want to talk to or hang out with you. I speak from experience! But if she's just taking way too long to do anything, and you really want to date him, then go for it!

Is it wrong to accept money from a friend that is married?

No,your friend is your friend,if get married or not & you can accept money from your friends,can't you?

Is it wrong to have a crush on your friend's sister?

Hi It's not wrong to have a crush on your friends sister, I had a crush on my friends brother and I am dating him now, you cant help who you like but if you two are going to start dating make sure to ask your friend if it's okay first it just show's that you respect your friend......

What do you do if your boy friend's best friend likes you?

First of all do you like him back * If you do it would be wrong to dump your boyfriend for his best friend!!!!!!!!!!!! * You need to tell your botfriend that his friend likes you but you have no feelings for him and that you really love him but you wo uld like him to talk to his friend but not to be mad

Is it wrong to hang out with a friends ex friend?

Obviously not.Definetly not (NO WHY!)

How do you forgive a friend for lying to you?

talk to them about lieing and that its wrong and may be they will understand you and stop lieing and if your friend lies to u that is the wrong friend and they shouldent Evan be your friend friends supose to tell every thing that is wrong and they will fix it and u supose to tell your friend every thing ......

Is it wrong to want to be friends with your ex?

No! Of course not. I'm friends with most of my ex's acutally, no one likes to burn bridges.

Your guy friend asked you if you liked him out of the blue. What does it mean?

he probably likes you and wants to know if you like him back. or he wants to make sure that you don't like like him just to prove his friends wrong. (trust me it happened to me)