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You did not explain whether you wanted to get her to breakup with her boyfriend for your own gain or that you didn't feel her boyfriend was treating her well and you're just a friend and concerned about her. If you are a girl then perhaps you have an alterior motive? Leave well enough alone and even if you succeeded in breaking them up she would go onto someone else and if she ever found out it was you that was the cause of the breakup you'll be history. Even if she is not being treated well, you don't like the guy or you're a woman wanting her boyfriend you won't win!

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What should you do if you love a girl and she loves you but she has a boyfriend?

wait till they breakup.or you should tell her to breakup with her current boyfriend if she does not have feelings for him.

Should a girl call her boyfriend after a breakup?

Only if you agreed to be friends, which doesn't always work.

What is Leave The Pieces by the Wreckers about?

The song is about a young girl that tells her boyfriend to "leave the pieces when you go." after they breakup.

How do you breakup with your cheating boyfriend and get rid of him?

Tell him straight up ! Girl, NEVER stay with a guy who cheats. If he does it once, he'll do it again.

Should you go out with the girl that likes you but has a boyfriend or the girl that likes you without a bf?

The one that likes you without a girlfriend.

How do you find out if a girl has a boyfriend without talkin to her?

Get your friends to ask her without using your name.

What do you think when your boyfriend told you that we will always be friends?

well is this after a breakup or something? if it is, he is just trying to make you feel better by telling you that. If its not, he is ABOUT to breakup with you because no guy or girl shall say that unless they are thinking of leaving their partner. I hope its not either of that. Good luck ..

How does a girl please his boyfriend?

A girl pleases his boyfriend by simply just being herself. Showing the real her, being confident and voicing out her concerns without being afraid of failure definitely impresses her boyfriend.

What do you do when your boyfriend dumps you and within the hour of your breakup he asks another girl out?

well there are two ways i handle it . FIND SOMEONE ELSE ! -or- play it cool it was only an hour !

How do you get a girl to stop hating you?

tell her you love her then kiss her

How do you get a girl to like you that has a boyfriend?

Hang around without being too obvious, be a friend , and if the boyfriend disappears or moves or whatever , you'll be there.

How do you recognize that a girl has already been having a boyfriend without asking of straight question?

Ask other people to ask that girl if she has a boyfriend. Just remind them not to mention that you wanted to know.

What actors and actresses appeared in Breakup - 2009?

The cast of Breakup - 2009 includes: Ashley Jill Barlow as Angry Girl Meeshelle Neal as Penitent Girl

Can a girl with down syndrome have a boyfriend?

Yes, a girl with Down syndrome can have a boyfriend, and many do. People with Down syndrome have the same relationship needs as people without Down syndrome.

Can a 17-year-old girl move in with her boyfriend without parental consent?


How do you tell if a girl has a boyfriend without asking her?

You cant. Ask her, she might say no and yes to a date!

Who is the girl in the yellow book breakup commercial?

Alexandra Daddario

What if a girl likes your boyfriend?

I would confront the girl or warn your boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend or girl friend?


How else can you not get pregnant without condoms?

ok... cut off your boyfriend balls or get girl tube tied

Can a pregnant 15 year old girl in the state of Georgia live with her boyfriend without parental consent?


If a girl liked you for a while and then just started hating you what do you do?

You ask her whats her problem.

This girl i like has a boyfriend but you'm also her best friend i want to ask her out but i don't know when i thought i should ask right after her and her boyfriend breakup should i wait til then?

No, if they are going to breakup then give them some time. After a break up they might not want to start a new relationship because they aren't still over the break up. Give her one or two weeks then ask. You might be more lucky there.

When does a girl get a boyfriend?

Mostly a girl gets a boyfriend at the age 13 or 15

How do you get a girl you like to stop hating you?

What did you do in the first place to make her hate you? I am a girl so I know how to get a girl back. Just rub her feet.