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You could apply at local stables, but note that the work is physically demanding and there's usually a great deal of competition for places.

Contact local stables and tell them you are interested.

Most stables will start an inexperienced person out as a stable cleaner, and work their way up to feeding, handling, grooming, and after extensive lessons, then training.

One needs to be calm, confident, and friendly when working with horses as they can sense your emotions and react to them.

and also u can look on a site called YARD AND GROOM there are hundreds of jobs on there from just a normal stable hand or stud hand which is the breeding side of it all and stable hand is more along the lines of the racing industry.

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Q: How do you get a job working with horses?
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yes your son can get a job working with horses.

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You can always volunteer at a stables near you.

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A ranch

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