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How do you get a kitten to like a dog?

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Well,you have to give your pets time to get use to one anouther they probley have not seen any thing like it before.You need to start kepping them inthe same room so that they will get time to know one anouther then they will be use to one anouther and no more running around the house like mad. So follow the tip i am sure it will work.

** Never put a kitten in the same room unattended with a dog. The dogs instinct is to chase anything that runs. This will endanger the kitten. You need to hold the kitten while the dog is in the same room and make sure the dog will not harm the cat. You do not push the kitten on the dog but let them sit quietly with you in the room. A little closer and longer each day and they will get used to each other with your support.

When your introducing a kitten to the dog (or the other way around) Don't put them inside the same room. you should block the room with something that they could see through and put them in separate sides so they could look at each other and you should just give them time to get use to seeing each other and eventually they might become friends

2011-09-13 02:15:40
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Q: How do you get a kitten to like a dog?
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How do you make a new kitten like a dog?

You buy a dog.

Cat is to kitten as dog is to?


What has a tail like a dog ears like a dog a head like a dog feet like a dog but isn't a dog?

Puppy, herd this one before but it was a cat to kitten one:)

How do you get my new kitten to like my dog?

What you do is... you raise them from when they are babies. together

Your dogs bark and chase your kitten what should you do?

Its just like traning..Once your dog starts chasing your kitten pick up your dog or grab it by its collar and get the dogs attention and say NO..No..NO and make it look at you and keep this repetition until once you dog sees the kitten he Will stop,

What happens when dog eats kitten?

ussually, kitten dies.

Why does your kitten pant like a dog?

When your kitten pants it means its thirsty and it wants milk or it is hot from playing and running around. The kitten just needs to rest for awhile, it will be fine, this is normal.

Would a dog eat a kitten because you left your dog home alone with a kitten and the kitten is missing and you found blood and hair on the carpet?

no, its just an illusion

What is a baby bush dog called?

kitten it is.not puppy kitten

Dog is to puppy as cat is to?


If dog is to puppy cat is to?


Can you use dog shampoo on a kitten?


What is a kitten or a puppy?

A kitten is a young feline, or cat, and a puppy is a young K9, or dog.

Is there a difference in between a kitten and puppy?

A kitten is a baby Cat and a puppy is a baby dog

How do you get a cat to like dogs?

The best way to get a cat to like dogs is to raise it from a small kitten (6-10 weeks) with a dog. Being so small and still learning about the big world around it, the kitten will not discriminate against the dog and see it as a companion (friend). As the kitten grows to an adult, it will not see dogs as a threat, but instead, as a new friend

Is a kitten all right with dogs?

It depends on the dog, but usually a dog and kitten can learn to get along given careful introductions, time and patience.

Can you train a new kitten like a dog to go to the bathroom outside instead of a litter box?


Can a dog catch anything from a kitten?

No unless it's another dog

Can a kitten be brought into a home with a dog?

Yes, kittens and dogs get along very well. I have two dogs and a cat. Please go to my bio page by clicking onto my name and you will see them. Put the dog on a leash in the house until the kitten investigates the house and the new owners. This should take approximately 1/2 hour. Then gently bring the dog over to the kitten. The kitten will hiss and arch it's back, but this is a normal instinct for them. Don't let the dog chase the kitten and keep a watchful eye on them. Pet the dog and then pet the kitten (putting the smell of the dog on the cat and then pet the dog putting the smell of the kitten on it.) No matter how large your dog is dogs generally learn very quickly that kittens are becoming a part of the family. Once you are fairly certain that the dog is gentle let the dog and kitten settle their differences. The kitten may get a crack or two with it's little nails into the nose of the dog and most of the time the dog will back off no matter how big they are. Before you know it they will be buddies.

What is a kitten or puppy?

A baby cat or dog.

Why would your dog hurt a newborn kitten?

It could have been by accident. It's not like a dog woul think, "Oh hey look a little new born kitten. Lets go hurt it." The dog may have been trying to play with it or thought it was a new kind of toy.

Should you get a kitten when you already have an old dog?

Yes, there's nothing wrong with that. The dog will probably enjoy having the kitten around for company and companionship.

Do dogs and cats play with each other?

Yeah! They might not actually "play" but some won't hate each other. There was a dog I know and when her owner got a kitten, she got sort of protective over the kitten (like the kitten was her puppy).

Is it ok if your kitten thinks a dog is its mum?

yes, as long as the dog is okay with that.

Can a cat drink milk from a dog?

Yes. Based on my experience, kittens can and will nurse from a dog. Introduce the kitten slowly to the dog. Allow the dog to sniff and lick the kitten. Then, place the kitten on the breast of the nursing mother dog. I'm not sure if the dog's milk has all the nutrients required for the kitten to survive on this alone so I would use this method as a supplement. Purchase some kitten replacement milk and a pet feeding bottle from the pet store or vet's office and bottle feed as often as you can.