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well i would say eat macoroni and cheese and cornbread! really it works

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How do you get a nice size round butt?


What can you do to get a jiggly butt?

eat alot of McDonalds

How can do you get a nice round butt that guys will like?

the best you can do is stuff(im a guy, we look for big round asses)

Is baker lake frozen all year round?

jiggly puff

What does it mean if a girl has a nice butt?

nothing really. she just has a nice butt that's it =]

Pixwars IS NICE?

it is nice butt addicind

What does a girls butt feel like?

Depends. Sometimes they're tight and firm, other times they're bouncy and jiggly.

How do you get a nice butt?


Do cheerleaders have a nice butt?


What does it mean when two boys stare at your butt?

you have a nice butt and they like it.

How do you get a jiggly butt?

Saturated fat is the term used for the type of fat that becomes solid when cooled. This is the type of fat that can clog your arteries and be deposited in your butt and thighs seems to be a good way but not very healthy.

What does it mean when a guy says you have a nice butt but says he doesnt like you?

It means he thinks you have a nice butt but doesn't like you.

Does Zac Efron have a nice butt?

Zac Efron has a hot butt YEA HE DOES!!!

Why is your boyfriend obsessed with your butt?

because its hot men love a nice butt

Why are fat guts jiggly?

because a girl in my school is jiggly

If a girls butt jiggles what does that mean?

It means that she has some fat on her butt. But do not hate it! Lots of men love a girl with some junk in the trunk! Just make sure it is a good size (by this I mean that you don't wear a size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXL). Totally. Girls that have fat on their asses usually have pretty hot behinds- and jiggly asses are hot. But if it's TOO jiggly, then ewww.

What does a nice butt look like?

it look nice but there is nothing like a nice butt everyone is beautiful in his/her own way. don't forget beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

What does it mean when a guy stares at your butt?

It means he's checking you out to see if you have a nice butt.

What is a size 18 butt size?


How can you make your butt bigger without doing exercises?

Sorry to say, but unless you want a ugly dimply out of control jiggly booty, you have to do some type of exercise.

How do you get her to show her butt?

you be nice to them, say something like hey sexy your hot i bet you have a nice butt and then she will like you and show you

What does a butt look like?

A butt looks like something round. With a crack straight in the middle

What does it mean when a guy looks at your butt and smiles?

it means hes checking you out, or he thinks you have a nice butt

How do you get a jiggly puff in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In route 3 in the grass there are Jiggly Puffs

Why is your butt flat?

My butt isn't flat because flat butts are horrible. Fat makes your butt round, and most people prefer this.