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Fish are only supposed to be fed once a week. It will eat when it gets hungry. It may still be digesting a big piece. My pellets that I feed my beta are a good size and he only eats 3 out of the 5 I put in there anyway.

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Why your betta fish throws away food?

If the betta is spitting the food out, or looks at it and then ignores it, it probably just doesn't like that kind of food. They're picky.

How long do Betta fish live without food?

A betta fish can survive up to two weeks without foodA betta fish can survive up to two weeks without food

Can a zebra danio eat betta fish food?

Yes. Danios aren't picky eaters.

What should you try if your Betta is picky about his food?

A Betta does not require a lot of food, they can go for a long time without food if you have live plants in the tank with the fish or if you are feeding it betta food they are both fine. In a way you have uncovered a secret a betta is a easy fish to take care of because you do not have to feed it every day once a week is plenty. I would not do anything except give the fish so hiding places floating plants, a betta prefers shallow water and warm water.

How long can a pet Betta fish live without food?

3 weeks because that is how anything can live with out food

Why won't my betta fish eat?

Betta fish won't eat for a number of reasons. They may not eat due to stress, illness, poor water conditions or they may just be picky about their food. Try to clean your aquarium and possibly try a different food, such as freeze dried blood worms, fresh food or pellet and flake foods.

How do you feed your Betta Fish when you are out of town?

Ask your pet supplier for a food cube (lasts 2-4 weeks).

Will betta fish eat goldfish food?

Yes, but it prefers betta food.

Do snails eat betta food?

Yes, snails will indeed eat betta fish food and it will not harm them. Betta food can be purchased at local pet stores.

Can betta fry eat regular betta food when they are 3 or 4 weeks old?

No, they can't eat adult sized pellets but they can eat pellet and flake adult food if you grind them down to small enough pieces that they can fit into their mouths.

Can a betta fish eat goldfish food for one day It has already went one day without food my father bought goldfish food instead of betta should i wait until tomorrow or feed it goldfish food tonight?

Yes it can. My beta ate goldfish food for 2 weeks and it was fine.

What can pet fish eat?

My betta is to picky to eat anything other than the green food out of a tropical fish food thing, and so he just leaves all the other food alone.But my guess is if they eat anything that wasnt made for fish theyll get sick!!

Why do you have a picky dog eater?

My one dog is a picky eater so we made her speacial dog food, but then we found out that she had allergies to a ingredient in her dog food. so maybe that is why your dog is a picky eater.

Will a guppy die if you feed it betta food?

It might, depends on what kind of Betta food you give it.

How many times does a betta eat?

Feed a Betta 3 pieces of Betta food a day.

What is a picky eater?

Someone that is picky about what they eat. It means they only eat specific types of food.

Are camels picky eaters?

Yes, camels are very picky they may spit out the food if they abhor it.

What is a staple diet for a male betta?

A betta can eat any betta food regardless of the manufacturer; they typically market it as Betta Bites.

Can you feed your goldfish betta food?

Yes. I fed my goldfish betta food, and he ate it. Hope this helps.

What can you feed your betta that is simple and easy?

They sell packaged betta food.

Can goldfish have betta fish food?

Goldfish can eat many things. Betta food isn't the best for them, but they will eat it.

Can a betta fish eat tetra fish food?

i think it would be better just to buy betta food

Can non-betta fish eat betta food?

It depends what food the other fish eats. Bettas are carnivorous, so they eat meat. If the betta food is meat (which it most likely is) and the fish you want to feed is a also a freshwater carnivore, then, chances are, you can feed the fish betta food.

Can i feed my betta fish goldfish food?

Yes you can feed it to a Betta, but most of it it will not be digestable for a Betta. Bettas are insectivores and need a proper diet made from insects etc. That is why pet shops have special Betta food for sale.

The taking of food is called?

big picky eater