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SC has a guideline for getting your dealers license on their website. On the home page, at the top it has a link for dealer information. Click on it, it has a drop box and the first one will show dealers licenses. That will tell you every thing you need to know.

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How do you get a North Carolina auto dealers license?

One can get a North Carolina auto dealers license by filling out the proper paperwork and submitting it to the local township's main office. They will be able to file it.

How much does an auto dealers license cost in Florida?

An auto dealers license, in the state of Florida, will cost $500. The license is attached to a single location. Multiple locations will each need their own license.

Is there a website that offers reviews of auto dealers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area?

There are many websites that offer reviews of auto dealers in Charlotte, North Carolina. The best rated website is

Do auto dealers need to have a license to sell vehicles?

Yes, auto dealers do need to have a license to sell vehicles to the public. They cannot sell vehicles legally without being licensed by the state they are in.

Requirements to get an auto dealer license in Texas?

tax id and dealers license form the tax office.

Do reputable used car dealers exist in North Carolina?

There are a ton of used car dealers that are located in North Carolina. They offer a great warranties and they have auto on site which is also great.

Do you have to have a WA auto dealer license to buy or sell in WA?

You can sell up to 4 vehicles a year without being required to have a dealers license.

How many cars can you sell per year in fl without a dealers license?

Here is a link to how many by state:

Do you have to take a test for a Maryland auto dealers license?

yes because i be able to sel more then 5 cars per year

What auto insurance company has the code number 406 in South Carolina?


Where in south Carolina is a major-auto racing facility located?


Which Canadian auto dealers have used Jeeps for sale?

There are a few Canadian auto dealers that have used Jeeps for sale. Some of the those dealers include 'Riverside Auto Sales' in Ontario and the 'Canadian Auto Mall' also in Ontario.

How do you get a used car dealer license in Virginia?

Apply. Contact NIADA - National Independant Auto Dealers Association. Y-THINK-Y

Do you need a dealers license for a government auto auction?

No...government auctions are typically open to the public because they are trying to get as much as possible for the vehicles.

What can you arrange auto loans through?

auto dealers.

What auto dealers in Ohio deal with the credit acceptance corporation?

what auto dealers in ohio deal with credit acceptance

Can you get an auto broker license online?

Yes, you can get a auto broker license online by first getting a Auto Dealer license because you need that to get to the auto broker license. You can take tests then buy auto broker license online.

How many auto dealers are there in the City of Detroit?

I've found over 105 auto dealers in Detroit. I'm not sure how accurate this count is, considering many auto dealers have gone out of business in the last year.

How do auto dealers get the money to open their business?

Auto dealers can obtain loans for their business. Auto dealing is a business and you can also get investors or used saved income.

Is non-owner's liability auto insurance required in North Carolina in order to have a valid driver's license?


What is an auto lot porter?

I am trying to find out who to contact, I own a car lot with a dealers license and I want to open a holding lot in a different location, can I sell cars from that lot or do I need a license for that dealership too?

Paid cash for a car but dealer does not have title?

Call the state office of auto sales. Their dealers license is held and renewed by the state in Ohio any ways

Do you have to live in Maryland to get a Maryland auto dealers license?

go 2 this website it is way better go 2 this website its way better

How do you purchase a credit union of atlanta repossessed car?

Get a car dealers license and go to Manhiem Metro Atlanta Auto Auction in College Park, GA.

How many Auto Parts Dealers are located in Anchorage, AK?

More than 3400 auto part dealers are located in Anchorage, AK

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