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Q: How do you get an account on Yahoo?
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How do you switch from a Yahoo Mail account to a gmail account?

You can switch from Yahoo account to Gmail account easily. The account can be created on Gmail account. You can export all the data from yahoo account as well.

Do you have to have a Yahoo account to join Yahoo awnsers?

Yes, you need to have a yahoo account to join yahoo answers.

Do you need to have an Yahoo account to get Yahoo messenger?

Yes, you need a Yahoo account to use Yahoo Messenger.

How much does it cost to get an email account from Yahoo?

A Yahoo e-mail account is free .

Can you create a Yahoo Answers account without making a Yahoo email?

No,you can't.Yahoo Answers is launched by yahoo,so hence,to create a yahoo answers account,you need to have a yahoo account.

Is Yahoo and Google in a partnership?

Google & Yahoo are in the same account, so if you get a yahoo account you will also have a google account. :]

What Is Vanessa Hudgens yahoo account?

She doesn't have a yahoo account!

Does Obama have a yahoo account?

Yes, Obama indeed has a Yahoo! account. He also uses his Yahoo! Answers account but not as often as you'd appreciate.

How do you get a Yahoo Answers account?

go to Yahoo Answers website and then click on "Get started" on the right side of the page,type your yahoo id and password and you have a yahoo answers account,if you don't have a yahoo account,you need to create one.

How do you creat yahoo mail account?

i want to creat yahoo account

How can one delete their Yahoo account?

If someone deletes their Yahoo account, they will not be able to recover any information or reactivate their account. Yahoo has a specific "Account Deletion" page one can access after signing into their Yahoo account prior to deleting their account. You will be asked to verify information such as your password and then confirm account removal.

How do you make a Yahoo Anwersaccount?

You sign up, input your information that is needed, and you have an account, the Yahoo Answers account derives from having an actual Yahoo Account.

Do you need to be 18 years or older to have a yahoo Email account?

Yes, you have to be 18 to have a yahoo account. If your under 18, someone will have to help you create the yahoo account.

Where can someone sign up for a Yahoo email account?

Interested individuals can sign up for a Yahoo email account at the official Yahoo website. Registration for a Yahoo email account is simple and free of charge.

If you want a Yahoo do you have to make a MySpace?

No you do not need a Myspace account to get a Yahoo account.

Can someone make me a Yahoo Answers account?

Yes,but for that you need to have a yahoo account.

Can you deactivate a Yahoo Mail account?

Yes, we can deactivate a yahoo mail account.

Do you have to have a Yahoo account to join Yahoo Answers?

Yes you do, And you must be at least 13 to use it. (You can be any age for a Yahoo Account)

Do you need to have Yahoo email to have a Yahoo Answers account?

When you set up a yahoo account ID you automatically get yahoo email; so by default then you will get (whether you want it or not) yahoo email.

How do you add a email to your existing Yahoo account?

how to add an email to an existing yahoo account

Is there a master password for a Yahoo Mail account?

there is no master password for yahoo mail account

how to update yahoo account?

Through yahoo setting >Profile Information>Sign-In-Security, you can update your yahoo account.

My yahoo account wasn't working why is that?

I am not sure on why your Yahoo account is not working right. You could try calling Yahoo and see if they can help.

Does Bon Jovi have a Yahoo?

No he does not have a Yahoo! account

How can I make it so Facebook posts don't show up on my yahoo account?

disconnect your yahoo account from your Facebook account.