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  • I have no idea why you split-up, but, the only solution is to try and meet with your ex and sit down and communicate your feelings to him and let him communicate his to you. Hopefully both of you can come to some agreement and start all over again. No relationship is 100% perfect and we all make mistakes, but hopefully we learn from them.
  • Well firstly you have to show your ex all your good qualities that know they have to live with out say if your good at cheering people up then do it in front of him but not to look likeso he knows your doing it on purpose make it just natural and then just don't really talk to him that much if he talks to you talk to him but don't go stalker on him or he wouldn't want you back guys like girls who play it cool and get rid of anythings you did when you were dating so he'll want you again.
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Q: How do you get back with your ex?
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Can an ex take back a gift given by his parent?

can an ex take a gift back

You are back with your ex and your mom doesn't approve what do you tell her?

you say its my life not yours, if i want to get back with my ex, i will get back with my ex so if you are going to hold a grudge about it lump it

How do you get your ex back do you got dumped by him and you ex is trying to get back with his girlfriend he had before you?

let him go

Do I have to give back the gift my ex gave me for Christmas?

Giving the gift back is totally your desicion. You don't have to give it back because it was originally given to you. Giving it back to your ex would hurt your ex however.

How do i get your ex back?

you dont

How do you know if your ex want you back?

If your ex wants you back he/she will call, text, or e-mail you ALL the time.

How do you ask your ex back out in a note?

tell him to back out!

Do you really want your ex back?

no there is usually a good reason they are your ex

What does it mean when your ex wont give you your things back?

It means a few things;Your ex likes you taste in thingsYour ex knows you want your stuff back, and will keep them for that reasonYour ex sold your stuff and is unable to give them backYour ex still loves you and doesn't want to give you your stuff back because that is their last link to youThrew your stuff away

Will my ex last with his ex that he went back to?

It really shouldn't matter to you whether your ex will last with his ex that he went back to. Unless you still have feelings for him there should be no reason for this. I would suggest that you just continue on with your life and don't about what your ex is doing.

Should you get your ex-girlfriend a birthday present. could it help to get her back?

absolutely - buy best present she wishes - BUT DO NOT TRY TO GET HER BACK. ex is ex...

What is the best way to get your ex boyfriend back?

This Will Really Help You [ sitesDOTgoogleDOTcom/view/3-texts-to-send-your-ex/home ] ( Replace DOT with . )

How do you bring your ex back?

There is a difference between wanting an ex back just for the heck of it and wanting an ex back because you loved him/her. I have seen so many people who tried to do all and every drastic measure that they can think of, believing that by doing so their ex would be getting back to them only to fail in the end. If you want your ex back, you need to have a deep understanding of the reason that the relationship fell apart. The depth of your understanding the situation will help you ploy a good strategy to win an ex back.

How do you get a ex back?

you dont i never could or you could call ZooMonkey (dot com) .. seriously. amazing Get your Ex Back company that walks you through the steps of getting your ex back on the phone based on your unique situation.

Discover how to get what if your ex girlfriend to want you back?

If your ex wants you back . It is on you whether you want her back or not. If you don't want her simply tell her that.

How do you deal with ex who always has illness to get you back?

Whether your ex has an illness or not it would be dishonest to get back into a loveless relationship. By going back to your ex you are enabling their behavior. You need to be kind, but communicate the fact to your ex they need to learn to rely on their own immediate family, friends and themselves. If the ex is your husband and you have children then you only need to be there for your ex by encouraging them on the phone or visiting them in the hospital.

What do you do if your ex-boyfriend get back to you?

i mean, if he's your ex-boyfriend he's your EX-boyfriend. that means...boyfriend.

Why do you dream of your ex coming back home?

Dreaming about your ex coming back home is nothing but basically your mind interpreting your thoughts. Its because you want him to come back and he is coming back.

How to Ex girlfriend back?


How do you get your Ex to take you back?

At Gunpoint

How do you you get your ex boyfriend back?

you don't

Spells to bring back your ex?


How do you get back at you ex?

Date their friends.

Is there a possibility that your ex could come back with you?

It is possible to get your ex to come back to your if you apologize and right your wrongs. You have to show them that you are a better person.

What should you do about your ex girlfriend?

I suggest you be more specific in asking what you should do about your ex girlfriend: do you want her back? does she want you back?, etc...