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You prove to him that u really do love him and want him to forgive you!!!

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Q: How do you get back with your ex if you have lost his trust?
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Will you boyfriend take you back after you lost his trust?

If you can regain your boyfriends trust he may take you back.

I lost my parent's trust by moving in with my aunt but it back fired what do i do?

There is nothing you can do. You lost their trust & now you must live with the consequences. All there is to do is wait & earn their trust back with the passing of time.

How do get your ex gilfriend back when she cant trust you?

actions speak louder than words, show her she can trust you.

You want your ex back how do you do it?

u cant u lost her/him

What if you like your ex?

Either you a. Get her back, by giving her alot of space and then slowly coming back into her life or b. forget her, trust me I went through a horrible breakup with my ex and I loved her more than anything else I ever loved. But you gotta realize she lost you. Not the other way around

What do you do when you have cheated on your boyfriend with an ex and he won't give you trust back but still says he loves you?

you will have to earn the trust back and it will always be harder for him because he wont know if you will do it again.

Why do you ex boyfriend always want to take you back?

because he realized what he lost and whats it back

Will your ex partner get feelings back for you if she starts to trust you again?

She may get feelings back but the trust will be very faint or even inexistant until you make the steps to fix that. Even than there may be trust issues.

What to do if your ex wants you back?

Tell them to stuff it, and move on. Trust me - you broke up for a reason!

What to do when your ex tells your boyfriend that he wants you back and your boyfriend doesn't trust you around him?

Tell your boyfriend that if you wanted to be with your ex you would be. Clearly you chose him and no matter what the ex says there is nothing that will make you go back to him. That relationship ended for a reason. Your boyfriend doesn't have to trust your ex but he have to trust you or there will be no relationship. Jealousy is never easy but it's the jealous person that have to deal with it in order to be able to have a strong relationship and he will not do that by making you responsible for his jealousy. You the other hand can try to avoid situations where your ex is.

How do you get back together with your ex-boyfriend that you lost your virginity to him?

Well tell him how much you've missed him and say that you want him back. if he wants you back he will say yes. It doesn't matter if you lost your virginity to him.

How can you bring your Ex-Girlfriend again in the bed?

ANSWER: Pardon me but if I were you I will be more concern on how my ex girlfriend will trust me again. Sex can wait, you need to get her trust towards you again or else you wondering if you can get her back in bed will be impossible.

Why is he friends with ex?

It is all about trust. You can't tell him who to be friends with. So if you trust him who cares that he is friends with his ex. If you don't trust him you have a bigger problem.

How do you gain back your ex's trust?

Be absolutely trustworthy for a long, long time. Like the rest of your life.

How go you get your ex-girlfriend back?

That depends on what you did for her to leave you. You could say that you made a mistake that you now regret and you want to try again but if you did something like cheating you lost her trust and cant expect anything. Good Luck though!

Difference between faith and trust?

you have faith in something without seeing it cause you dnt have to see it. trust is earned and once its lost it is hard to get it back.

How do you know your ex-boyfriend still loves you?

ummm go back out and see what happens.. trust me youll find out.

How canyour ex boyfriend come back?

well maybe things went wrong and he realy does love you but you have to be able to trust him to let him back in your life....

How do you win back your ex-boyfriend if he broke up with you because he mistakenly thought you were cheating?

You have to remember relationships are built on trust and for one reason or another he did not trust you. This may not be your fault but you can force him to trust you, if you still love him then don't push him, if he loves you then he will come back to you eventually.

I want my ex-boyfriend to trust me again because I still want to be with him but I don't know how to earn his trust again?

talk to him, try to be friends if that doesnt work ask him if he wants to hang out to gain his trust back.

Your ex talks with someone else on phone behind your back?

I'm not sure if I'm understanding this question correctly. If it's your ex though, it doesn't matter who they're talking to behind your back. If it's not your ex however, then there are some trust issues going on there. Big time!!

How do you get your ex boyfriend back after he lost feelings for you?

Honey, it sounds like he used you, I'm sorry but you can't.

Is it basically a lost cause trying to get an ex back?

if the proplem was him/she what makes you think he/she changed and its time to move on

In Pokemon Emerald I lost m Ex Share is there a way to get it back?

no unless you trade from ruby or sapphire.

How do you trust your partner after being lied to?

They LIED, You can not trust your EX-partner.

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